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children’s portraiture



The Perfect Tool for Portraits of Children — Pez Dispensers

Getting young children interested in a photo shoot can challenge the most talented professional photographer. Many pros have a bag of tricks to use for taking portraits of kids.  But if you are a mom taking pictures of your own kids, or even a new photographer, you may not know all the tricks quite yet.…


5 Steps to Successful Mini Sessions for Professional Photographers

A foolproof, step-by-step guide to running successful minis for professional photographers.


Photography Help: How to Get Inspired to Shoot Creatively

Photography Help: How to Get Inspired to Shoot Creatively “But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.” Garden Party –Ricky Nelson My path has taken me to a place where I get to meet a lot of photographers.  Most of the…


Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun

Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun Photographic trends vary widely from photo journalistic to highly stylized to formal. I am by nature an observer and therefore tend to embrace the photo journalistic style of children’s portraits.  That being said, I am also in business and very few clients are willing to pay me…


Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint

Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint If you are looking to achieve vivid, bright, crisp color photos, you will want good lighting and to nail your focus.  While shooting with shallow depth of field is great for portrait photography, remember with families, you may want all the subjects in focus too.  Once…


Snapshots vs Portraits: What Do Your Customers Really Want?

Snapshots vs Portraits: What Do Your Customers Really Want? A while back on the MCP Facebook Wall, I asked photographers if they prefer portraits or snapshot for their own pictures. Many answered that they prefer portraits so they have works of art for their walls and pictures that are timeless. Surprisingly though, a much greater…


Turn a Snapshot Into a Portrait Using Photoshop Magic

Some photos start out looking like snapshots, even if they were meant to be a portrait.  If the lighting and feel of the photo is strong, you can transform them using various techniques and Photoshop actions. This photo, submitted during a private training class, was taken by Maggie Ford. The image had so much potential…


Using Photoshop Actions for Bright, Vivid Color

Getting great color starts with great exposure and lighting as well as the right subject and background.  Make sure to set your white balance in camera or using RAW, for the most accurate colors. This photo by Renee Trichio (Twice as Nice Photography) started out with vibrant color.  Renee’s concern when she came to me…


How to Use Photoshop Actions to Enhance Photos {Blueprint}

The best way to use Photoshop actions is to make good photos great.  I love editing images that start off with nice lighting and composition.  Renee Trichio (Twice as Nice Photography) took a Private Photoshop Actions Training with me a few weeks ago so she could learn to get the most from her purchases.  Remember…


Capturing Beautiful Images of Siblings

Learn how to take amazing, memorable images of siblings. From sisters, to brothers, to twins, families will treasure these photographs for a lifetime. Learn how to capture strong images now.


Win a $97 Gift Card to Drop It Modern Photographer Backdrops

Drop it Modern and MCP Actions are teaming up to bring you this fun contest. Prize: Win a $97 Gift Certificate to Drop It Modern Backdrops. You get to pick whichever backdrop you like best! How to enter: Enter your comment(s) on the MCP Blog (not on Facebook or Twitter). You may enter between 1-3x…


Adventures of Photographing a One Year Old

For those MCP readers who have infants and toddlers, you know how challenging it can be photographing a child that crawls fast and is on the verge of walking. My twins are now 8, so it had been a while since having this as a task.  When I was visiting family in Atlanta, I had…


Interview with the Amazing Angela Monson of Simplicity Photography

I had the privilege of interviewing Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography last week and am excited to share some of her story with you.  Angie’s work speaks for itself. And I often get asked from my readers how they can recreate her look. Angie has offered to do a question and answer session as well.…


10 Rocking Tips for Beach Photography

Beach Photography is fun, relaxing and beautiful. But if you are unsure what to do when you get to the beach, it can also cause stress.  So prepare ahead with ideas, poses and props. Thank you to Kristin of Kristin Rachelle Photography for these amazing beach photography tips. Let me preface these tips by saying…


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