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Use Minor Adjustments In Lightroom and Photoshop For Better Photos

This blog post will show you how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together to make an ordinary photo shine with subtle adjustments.


How to Convert Photos to Black and White Using Image Calculations

Looking for an easy black and white conversion? Here’s how to convert images to black and white using the Image Calculations tool in Photoshop.


Color Correction in Seconds Using Photoshop Actions

Color Correction in Seconds Using Photoshop Actions The best way to get accurate color is definitely shooting Raw and doing a custom white balance. But just because you know you should shoot this way, does not mean you will.  In a recent Private Photoshop Training Class with Harmony Kellis, we worked on an image of…


Easy Photo Editing and Better Images with Photoshop Actions

Ideally, as a photographer, we want to nail exposure in camera.  It makes editing easier and faster – and it creates better images.  But what if you failed to get perfect exposure while shooting? In Photoshop, you can use Photoshop actions, which automate the editing process.  Another option to learn to use Curves Adjustment Layers. …


Photoshop Actions ~ Color Pop ~ Color Correction ~ Hue/Saturation

Sometimes Photoshop adjustment layers and Photoshop actions can make a huge difference in taking images from good to great. In a recent Photoshop online training class, I was working with Heather of HGJ Photography. Her straight out of camera image was really good.  The lighting was pretty and the composition pleasing. I decided to show…


Colors of Light ~ Red Green Blue ~ Sun Flare in Photography

Red Green Blue ~ Colors of Light ~ Sun Flare in Photography When learning about photography and color theory, it is important to understand RGB (which stands for Red, Green, and Blue). Without getting bogged down in all the technical stuff, you can see how colors mix in this image below. When it comes to…


Blueprint: A Girl and Her Umbrella

This adorable photo is from Kara Roberts Photography. She wrote, “I have tried and tried to post process this one but they all turn out ICK. She’s just surrounded by green, and even when I do a levels and curves adjustment it just makes the green worse.” So I decided to play with Kara’s photo…


Share Your “Bag of Tricks” Examples with MCP

Now that MCP’s Bag of Tricks has been out a week, I would love your thoughts and feedback and the set.  Tell me what your favorite actions are from the set. I also invite you to share in two ways. You can post before and after examples (using the Bag of Tricks or any other…


MCP Blueprint – Bye to Blue

This photo was submitted by Kim from My Family’s Circus ( for a Fix It Friday post at I Heart Faces and I wanted to share it here too. Here are the photoshop actions and steps I did to the photo: MCP’s Bag of Tricks Magic Midtone Lifter MCP’s Bag of Tricks Magical Contrast MCP’s…


MCP’s Bag of Tricks is NOW AVAILABLE!

Do you believe in Magic? MCP’s Bag of Tricks for Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4 has more than 25 new actions to make you a believer. These actions along with over an hours worth of video tutorials will help you with color and allow you to perform magic on your images. Reflected Color Cast Vanisher…


Coming Monday, October 5th – DON’T MISS OUT!

Are you ready to change the way you retouch color in Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4? Are you ready for color corrected, more vibrant photographs? Are you ready for MCP’s Bag of Tricks? ENTER the MCP’s Bag of Tricks Contest HERE! Come back HERE Monday to learn how you can own this revolutionary set of…


WIN MCP’s Bag of Tricks – before you can buy it!

Want to win MCP’s Bag of Tricks before it is for sale on Monday October 5th? Enter to win: – Leave a comment explaining your favorite thing about MCP Photoshop Actions, the MCP Blog or MCP Workshops (comment must be in the comment section of this post – not on Facebook as these will not…


Blueprint: Newborn in Color and Black & White

  Do you prefer babies in color or black and white?  I would love your opinions on this image and which you prefer for this image from Jen Baker. For this week’s blueprint, I did the following edits: Color Edit 1st curves adjustment layer – lifted midtones 1.5 boxes (with extra grid on) – masked…


Blueprint: Fan Share – Newborn Skin Edit

One of my customers, Stacy Rottach, sent me the following letter and the blueprint below. What a beautiful baby.  Love her edit here. And those eyes – wow!  If you have thoughts for her, I am sure she would love to hear from you in the comments too. Hi Jodi! I was just doing a…


Snapshots: What Memories Are Made Of… A Really Fun Family Day

Why are you a photographer? For many, and at least for me, it is about capturing memories. I want to document life as it happens.  I do love portraits, but sometimes the most valuable pictures are not “portraits” – they are snapshots of life. This summer at a charity event, we bid on a Detroit…


Before and After from Alisha Robertson – Newborn Photographer

Alisha Robertson of AGR Photography, a phenomenal newborn photographer, and occasional guest blogger here, recently attended the MCP Color Fixing Workshop. Her work is outstanding but she knew that occasionally she would have an off shot that needed color work. After attending the online group training, here is what she had to say… So normally…

Using Layer Masks for Skin Color Correction in Photoshop

Using Layer Masks for Skin Color Correction in Photoshop

This video tutorial builds on yesterday’s layer mask tutorial.  It will teach you how to apply masking so that you can selectively affect parts of your photo when correcting skin tones.  I shared this video on ClickIn Moms as part of their Skin Tone Correction Series that happens every Wednesday – and I wanted to…


Blueprint – My Take on Sandi Bradshaw’s Senior Photography

I just had to play.  Check out yesterday’s post for detailed step by step of how Sandi Bradshaw edited this photo. Here are my plays. MCP All in the Details: flashlight action – changed opacity to 100% MCP All in the Details: extreme color action – used the extreme color painting on grass and tractor. …


Meet the “Clickin Mom” and learn about one of the coolest photo forums

I had the privilege to interview Kendra Okolita, owner of Clickinmoms – a great photography forum. You will love getting to know her as both a photographer (LuluBird Photography), owner of a popular photography forum and mom. If you want to try clickin moms forum, there is a special running right now.  Just click the…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.25.06 AM

Scarlett Lillian Answers MCP Reader Questions

Thank you to Scarlett Lillian for your interview last week and for answer questions from photographers and readers of the MCP Blog.  The questions are in italics – the answers below each. 1. Michelle H wrote: Thanks for introducing us! Scarlett, my question for you is on lens flare… how do you make it happen?…


Fixing a Localized Color Cast using Photoshop

  I have a special treat for you today.  I usually do all of my own Photoshop tutorials on the blog.  But there are usually 5-10 ways or more to accomplish any one task or result in Photoshop. And once I have a particular way(s) that works for me, that is what I teach you. …


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