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Are You Cheating by Using Photoshop?

Photo editing can help make your photos better. But do you feel it hurts your actual photography when you have Photoshop as a crutch?


Use Photoshop Actions to Fix Color and Light: A Fan Blueprint Share

This before and after Blueprint shows how you can use Photoshop actions to adjust colors and lighting in your images.  Thank you to Barb Dubrawski of Amazon Lens for this Blueprint. Barb wrote “Loving how your work makes mine easier!” Here are the manual steps and Photoshop actions she used to go from her before…


Blueprint – MCP Fan Share of a Cute Little Boy

One of my customers, of both my Photoshop actions and training, asked me if she could share a photo from when she was just starting out.  It was a favorite of hers and she wanted to see what she could do with it now that she knows more about Photoshop. Why not? This shot was…


Photographing a Shy Child ~ How to Get Them To Interact

How you ever had to take pictures of a shy child? This little girl, Isabel, was just adorable.  Who would believe she was super shy? She was… Photographing a shy child can be a challenge.  Having props, tools, and a gift for conversation, can help get a shy child to open up. So in this…

Using Layer Masks for Skin Color Correction in Photoshop

Using Layer Masks for Skin Color Correction in Photoshop

This video tutorial builds on yesterday’s layer mask tutorial.  It will teach you how to apply masking so that you can selectively affect parts of your photo when correcting skin tones.  I shared this video on ClickIn Moms as part of their Skin Tone Correction Series that happens every Wednesday – and I wanted to…


Fixing a Localized Color Cast using Photoshop

  I have a special treat for you today.  I usually do all of my own Photoshop tutorials on the blog.  But there are usually 5-10 ways or more to accomplish any one task or result in Photoshop. And once I have a particular way(s) that works for me, that is what I teach you. …


New Workshop Added – COLOR CRAZY: Enhancing Color In Photoshop

I just added a few new times and dates for CURVES and COLOR FIXING workshops but the BIG NEWS is the Brand New COLOR CRAZY WORKSHOP! Learn how to pop your colors and enhance your photos without just relying on actions. CLICK HERE to learn the details on this fantastic new workshop. I will add more…


Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy Some Candy Hearts from MCP

Ok – so maybe you were looking for something sweet like “candy” – but I had to share my favorite sweet things with you.  My twins!  Last fall they were playing with these heart stickers and I took a few photos.  I have been saving them for this post… I hope everyone has a yummy day…

POLL: What future online group photoshop workshops would you like?

POLL: What future online group photoshop workshops would you like?

Thank you to all those who have attended the “curves” and “color correcting” group workshops.  I have added a few more dates, so if you still want to take one of these classes, go under the workshop tab to see the new dates and times. I will be out of town (heading to California) with…


Online Group Workshops – LOOK at the toolbar – NEW TAB – NEW DATES ADDED

I literally spent 4 hours now trying to get this set up.  And I finally figured it out! I have added a tab to the top navigation bar of my blog called “MCP Workshops.”  All info on my online group workshops will be updated there instead of on the threads of my blog.  I have…

Update on the Online Workshops – Color Fixing and Curves

Update on the Online Workshops – Color Fixing and Curves

I just wanted to do a super quick update on the workshops.  They are going really well so far and everyone seems to be learning a great deal.  My last curves workshop for the next month or so is on February 2nd at 8:30-10:30 PM eastern time.  It is just over 1/2 way to being…

White Balance, Color Correction, Color Casts, OH MY!

White Balance, Color Correction, Color Casts, OH MY!

I just got this question from a reader: “What is the best way to address color issues?  I love the photos I take but the color is always off.” The short answer…. – in camera – the single best way to address color is to do a custom white balance using a white balance card,…

Update on Trainings + A Few More Examples Needed

Update on Trainings + A Few More Examples Needed

The “surprise” is coming soon.   Make sure to check out this post to see how you can be the 1st to get it.  I am in need of a few more examples to debut it.  I now need some NON-people pictures.  I am hoping to find some amazing landscape photos, architecture shots, and a few macro shots. …


MCP “COLOR FIXING” Online Group Workshops

MCP’s Color Fixing Workshop This is the number one question I hear from photographers, “How do I color correct this image?”  It seems to be the thing both ametuer and professional photographers stuggle with more than anything else.  Getting it right in camera by doing custom white balance constantly is a great solution for some, but often…


MCP “ALL ABOUT CURVES” Online Group Workshops

UNDERSTANDING AND USING CURVES IN PHOTOSHOP – coming back again for 2009 Classes will take place the week of the 19th of January in preparation for the color fixing workshops starting the following week. I will add more curve workshops if needed, so if these times do not work, please feel free to suggest a…


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