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MCP All in the Details Photoshop Action Set – NOW AVAILABLE

Everyone wants to know – how do I achieve that “look”?  The one that creates rich deep conversions, high contrast, details and color and gives you a high dynamic range that is all the rage. Well, it is all in the details – MCP’s It’s “All in the Details” action set – that is.  This…


Getting Ready for The Wedding Day * My Little Sister Gets Married

Last weekend I got to see my youngest sister get married.  It was such a fun, festive event. I took photos all day in the “bridal” getting ready suite.  And then put my camera away.  So unless the wedding photographers allow me to post a few of their photos here, you may not get to see…


Watch Me Work – how to achieve super rich colors in Photoshop

Today’s Watch Me Work session will show me editing two photos that could benefit from super rich color.  Many photos do not need this much color.  But ones that do will shine from these techniques and applications of MCP Actions Color Explosion and Fingerpaint.


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