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Editing Autumn Portraits for Beautiful Fall Colors

Get rich tones from your Fall images – using this easy to follow workflow recipe.


Christmas Mini Session Edited with MCP Inspire Photoshop Actions

I’m so happy MCP Inspire came out before my Christmas Mini Sessions! They’ve helped me speed up my workflow tremendously! When running actions, especially ones that enhance color tones, I turn all the layers off, start at the bottom by turning them back on and adjusting to taste. I do this and work my way…


Fall Portrait Workflow Using MCP Inspire Action Set

I have really been enjoying the new MCP Inspire action set.  This time of year is the busiest and I used this recipe on all of my outdoor fall portrait sessions.  Give it a try and see how it works for you! In the screenshots below, hopefully you can read it,  you can see how…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.51.08 AM

MCP Inspire Photoshop Action Set is Now Available

The MCP Fusion Photoshop action set combines the most versatile and user-friendly workflow actions with beautiful color and black and white conversions, bringing you an action set with unlimited combinations. These actions will change the way you edit in Photoshop.


How to Add Beautiful Tones By Using MCP Autumn Equinox

This blog post will teach you how to add beautiful sunset tones to your images using MCP Autumn Equinox Actions


Combine Great Light and Great Photo Editing for the Best Possible Photos

Transform your images with our photoshop actions: get hazy tones of Spring, vivid colors of Summer, rich look of Autumn, or the frosty look of Winter.


Photoshop Actions + Raw Formula for a Matte Look with Pop

This article describes how to create rich, matte color look using MCP Fusion photoshop actions.


How To Create Faux Snow With Photoshop Actions

Learn to add a wintery feel to your images and create faux snow using Photoshop actions.


How To Transform An Image Using MCP Fusion Photoshop Actions

This article describes how to create rich, vibrant, modern color using MCP Fusion photoshop acitons.


Five Looks – One Image – Using Photoshop Actions

Transform your images with our photoshop actions: get hazy tones of Spring, vivid colors of Summer, rich look of Autumn, or the frosty look of Winter.


Getting The Look Of All Four Seasons Using Our Photoshop Actions

Transform your images with our photoshop actions: get hazy tones of Spring, vivid colors of Summer, rich look of Autumn, or the frosty look of Winter.


Creating Dramatic, Vibrant Images Using MCP’s Photoshop Actions

If you like rich color and high contrast in your photos, read the step by step of this edit in Photoshop to learn how to achieve this “look.”


Editing Backlit Images With Photoshop Actions

Quick, easy edits for backlit photos … learn the steps now.


Smoother Skin, Brighter Eyes, Better Exposure: Step-By-Step with Photoshop Actions

Easy retouching of skin and eyes is a few quick steps away. Learn how to get smoother skin, brighter eyes, and a more exciting picture using Photoshop actions.


Blueprint: Photoshop Actions Make Color Pop and Contrast Fast and Easy

Add vibrant color to your images in photoshop – it is quick and easy – just follow these steps to create amazing photographs.


Getting Vivid Color Pop & Contrast With Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop actions Blueprint Fan Share was submitted by Kattrina Holt of Sassafrass Photography, who loves vibrant color pop and contrast in her images. Her step-by-step Blueprint: I opened the image in Lightroom 2 and warmed it up Then I opened it in Photoshop CS5 and used the MCP action set Bag of Tricks. I…


Use Photoshop Actions to Add Beautiful Directional Lighting

Use Photoshop Actions to Add a Touch of Beautiful Lighting Some photos may have a correct exposure but may benefit from selectively lightening or darkening parts of the image to draw attention in a specific direction.  In this photo taken of Jenna by a tree, you can see beautiful light coming through her hair.  The…


Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint

Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint If you are looking to achieve vivid, bright, crisp color photos, you will want good lighting and to nail your focus.  While shooting with shallow depth of field is great for portrait photography, remember with families, you may want all the subjects in focus too.  Once…


Using Photoshop Actions to Create Better Senior Photography

Improving your Senior Photography using Photoshop Actions Senior photography, at least in the United States, is hotter than ever. High school seniors want the best, most trendy and fun images. You will see everything from trash the prom dress, to urban scenes, to senior girls and guys on top of rusty cars.  Another popular trend…


Photoshop Actions: Before & After ~ Rusty Car

Photoshop Actions can enhance Urban, Rural, Rust, and Old Cars Often the same Photoshop treatment used for a color pop in the city, for an urban shoot, can be used on a rusty car and child portrait in the country. It is all about color and how you want to make it come alive.  For…


Family Photos Edited Using Photoshop Actions

Sometimes just looking at a photo, it is hard to decide which Photoshop actions or editing steps to take. Occasionally it helps to create a variety of looks, and then pick your favorite to share. An easy way to do this is using Snapshots in Photoshop via the History Palette (here is a tutorial). Thank…


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