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Nixie quadcopter camera

Nixie is a wearable camera that turns into a quadcopter

One of the 10 finalists of the “Make It Wearable” contest by Intel is called Nixie and it has the potential of becoming one of the coolest gadgets on the market. Nixie is a lightweight camera that can be worn on your wrist. This device then unfolds to turn into a drone that flies off to capture your selfie and gets back to your hand.


Duo camera concept splits in half and takes two photos

A design student at the Royal College of Art in London has created an interesting camera concept, called Duo. The device has two parts, kept together by a pair of magnets. When split in half, Duo can capture two photos at the same time, allowing the photographer to capture an image of himself and the subject simultaneously.


Aspekt modular SLR camera sports a rotating full frame sensor

Have you ever wanted to combine a full frame second from Sony, the controls from Nikon, lens from Canon, and optical viewfinder from Olympus or any other combination in order to create the camera of your dreams? Well, here is Aspekt, a module SLR camera concept, which features an interesting design and specs list.


GIF-TY is a Polaroid camera which prints flipbook animations

What do a Polaroid camera, GIF file, and a Zero-ink printer have in common? Well, the answer is the GIF-TY camera, of course. Student Jiho Jang has created a Polaroid-style camera, which can turn records short clips in burst-shot mode, and then prints the whole deal on Z-ink paper, in order to create memorable flipbook animations.

Spectrum Camera Concept Byeong Soo Kim

Chameleon-inspired Spectrum Camera Concept features a flexible display

Designer Byeong Soo Kim made use of his imagination, in order to create a fresh concept camera, which packs a flexible display and a Schneider-Kreuznach lens. The result is simply clever and it is called Spectrum Camera Concept. The flexible display can be used to change the appearance of the device, just like a chameleon.

Inclusive Digital Camera by Andrew James Warner

Inclusive Digital Camera concept features a rotating screen

Digital cameras look the same and all signs point to the fact that the current design will not suffer major changes in the near future. However, Andrew James Warner has come up with an intriguing concept, called Inclusive Digital Camera. It is aimed at making photography a lot more comfortable, thanks to a rotating screen.

Conran analogue camera concept

Conran reimagines photography using retro camera concept

Architecture and interior design firm, Conran and Partners, has been asked to choose an object that would require a redesign. The company’s Senior Product Designer, Jared Mankelow, has chosen the camera. Conran has also revealed its retro camera concept, which puts most of the current camera technologies in a small package.

Korean designers reveal Equinox, a modular concept camera

Equinox concept transforms any camera from compact to DSLR

A pair of talented designers, named Dae Jin Ahn and Chun Hyun Park, has revealed a modular concept camera called Equinox. The system is based on a single CCD core, which will allow photographers to turn a compact camera into a DSLR, as it supports all types of image sensors and lens mounts from various manufacturers.

Leica X3 concept combines the abilities of a smartphone with the technology found in a digital camera

Leica X3 concept camera looks like a cutting-edge lens

Photography is no longer considered a luxury – it is something natural and beautiful. Designer Vincent Säll has created a concept camera, which will allow people to take photos with ease, but in a more entertaining way. It is called Leica X3 and the designer’s inspiration came from the simplest of things, like the color wheel.

Samsung SC1 concept is a smart mirrorless camera with dual-screens

Samsung SC1 concept camera features a detachable display

Designer Rich Park of the Samsung Arts & Design Institute has revealed a concept of mirrorless smart camera. The impressive dual-screen shooter is called Samsung SC1. Although the company has not announced any plans to produce this camera, the SC1 looks stunning and will provide a unique photographic experience.

kickstarter duo tlr

Kickstarter supplies another photo gadget: the DUO TLR

Remember that older post we did about a lens holster designed by Preston Turk? Kickstarter delivers another great photographic gadget project. This time, it’s a TLR, or Twin Lens Reflex camera that, according to its designer, “produces stunning images on instant film and roll film”.


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