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How to Effectively Reduce Noise Using Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction

If you are tired of excess noise from shooting at high ISOs or in less than ideal lighting conditions, read how Lightroom 3 and ACR can save your photos!


Smoother Skin, Brighter Eyes, Better Exposure: Step-By-Step with Photoshop Actions

Easy retouching of skin and eyes is a few quick steps away. Learn how to get smoother skin, brighter eyes, and a more exciting picture using Photoshop actions.


Getting Vivid Color Pop & Contrast With Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop actions Blueprint Fan Share was submitted by Kattrina Holt of Sassafrass Photography, who loves vibrant color pop and contrast in her images. Her step-by-step Blueprint: I opened the image in Lightroom 2 and warmed it up Then I opened it in Photoshop CS5 and used the MCP action set Bag of Tricks. I…


3 Tips for Using Levels Adjustment Layers in PSE and Photoshop

3 Tips for Using Levels Adjustment Layers in Elements and Photoshop Photoshop and Elements are often intimidating to new users.  Conquering the Levels Adjustment is a great place to start building up your Photoshop Elements comfort level. Adjusting levels can improve many aspects of your photo: Exposure Contrast White Balance Color casts Dark or cloudy…


Editing Landscape Images Using Actions in Photoshop

At the beginning of June, I attended a Photography gathering in Banff, which is in Alberta, Canada. It was absolutely breathtaking.  Snow covered mountain tops everywhere.  And since I live in Michigan, it wasn’t like anything I get to see often. I took this shot from the hotel.  Yes, this really was our view! This…


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