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NPPA and APA are the newest participants in a copyright suit against Google Books.

NPPA and APA join copyright lawsuit against Google Books

The National Press Photographers Association and The American Photographic Artists organization have joined 15 other plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Google Books. The community hopes that this will improve photographers’ copyrights, which have been neglected in a previous court settlement.

Remi Thornton photo borrowed by CafePress

Photographer quits Getty Images following CafePress mess

Getty Images has a “Royalty Free” agreement with CafePress. The former is allowing the latter to borrow photos from unaware photographers without paying any fees. This fact has been discovered by Remi Thornton, who subsequently decided to quit the stock photo agency, Getty Images, and take his pictures elsewhere.

Google signs contrversial licensing deal with Getty Images

Google Drive users get 5,000 photos as part of Getty Images deal

Several weeks ago, Google announced that Drive users will get access to five thousand photos, soon. Up until now, it remained unknown from where did Google get the photos, but an iStock user discovered that it is all part of a controversial licensing deal with Getty Images.


Are You Making Mistakes Regarding Watermarking Your Photos?

Most photographers add a watermark or logo on their photos. Is this the best thing to do? Or are you making a mistake? learn now!

free-copyright twitter

Two press organizations found infringing photo-copyrights

Manhattan District Judge, Alison Nathan, ruled that Agence France-Presse and The Washington Post have infringed on the copyrights of photographer Daniel Morel. The two press agencies were found guilty of using Daniel Morel’s twitted photographs without his permission. The case is one of the first that centers on the copyrights of public shared images.


8 million flee in Instagram exodus

Facebook-owned Instagram has registered an 8 million-user drop after its December Terms of Service fiasco. AppStats has registered a 50% drop in Instagram user activity between December 17, 2012, and January 10, 2013, suggesting that users are really unhappy with the social network’s new ToS.


News agencies go “Judge Judy” on UK government copyright law

Several press agencies have joined forces for an aggressive judicial review over UK’s government plans to change the copyright laws. The consortium – that includes Associated Press, Getty Images, Reuters, Press Association, and the Federation of Commercial and Audiovisual Libraries – brings up the fact that the plans are without basis and should be under full Parliament scrutiny.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.40.09 AM

How Copyright Law Applies to Photographers and Bloggers

Learn how can photographers protect their photographs from copyright infringement and how can bloggers make sure they do not infringe.

Did Someone Remove The Copyright Notice From Your Photograph?

Did Someone Remove The Copyright Notice From Your Photograph?

Learn what to do if someone removes the copyright or watermark from your images and uses them without your permission.

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As promised – the watermark freebie action + a free frame action too

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