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How to Deliver Critique That Makes Photographers Better at Photography

With the ease of the digital age and the internet, posting and sharing photos almost instantaneously, it is easy to critique photographs from other photographers. Proper constructive criticism can help a photographer grow and get stronger. When delivering or receiving critique know that many comments are opinions not facts.  When critiquing, be helpful and detailed,…


When Did “Mean” Become Popular?

If you can’t say it nicely, don’t say it. Only offer criticism when asked and make it polite and constructive.


My Little “e”: Picture Share

As most of you know, I have twin daughters.  They have been my motivation and inspiration for my photography.  They love what I do for a living and are so proud of me.  It is a great feeling. And while they wish I spent less time online, they do love when I involve them in…


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