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Cropping Your Photos the Right Way For Great Images

If you want to make sure you can print your photo without losing limbs, learn cropping the right way. These easy tips will save your sanity.


Understanding Resolution in Photography

300 vs 72 – what resolution you need for what images, why ppi and dpi are not the same. Learn all about resolution as it pertains to photography.


Understanding Aspect Ratio in Photography

Learn why you cannot fit a 4×6 into a 5×7 or an 8×10. Aspect ratio is a very important part of photography. Master the concept now!

Don’t Lose Your Head When You Crop in Photoshop

Don’t Lose Your Head When You Crop in Photoshop

Have you ever tried cropping in Photoshop to find out that if you crop to an 8×10 you lose your head? Or the head of the person who was photographed?  Why does this happen and what can you do about both in camera and in Photoshop? This video will help explain why this cropping ratio…


Photoshop Tip of the Week #7 – CROPPING

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase This week’s blog is all about cropping in Photoshop. Have you ever had a photo or even a snapshot that you liked but did not love. But you wanted to love it? Well one great tool that can quickly effect a…


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