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Nikon D5100 RAW video

RAW video from Nikon DSLR made possible by Nikon Hacker

Getting RAW video from a Nikon DSLR seemed like an impossible dream recently. However, a member of the Nikon Hacker community has written a patch that allows his D5100 to record RAW footage thanks to the DSLR’s Live View buffer. Moreover, a member of the Magic Lantern team has extracted a DNG file out of the LV buffer.

Nikon EN-EL14

New Nikon camera updates breaking third-party battery support

The latest Nikon camera updates have fixed some bugs in the D3200, D3100, D5200, D5100, and Coolpix P7700 shooters. However, users are dissatisfied with the new firmware, as it is allegedly breaking support for third-party batteries. Photographers are claiming that, since installing the updates, they can no longer use cheaper replacement batteries.

Nikon D610 rumor

Nikon D600 & D5100 wiped from MAP list, D5300 & D610 in sight

Nikon D600 and D5100 have been removed officially from the Minimum Advertised Price list. This decision will allow retailers to set their own prices for the two cameras. Additionally, this is another evidence that the D610 and D5300 DSLRs are in the works and that their release dates might be closer than first thought.

Nikon D7000, D5100, and D3100 hacked

Nikon D7000, D5100, and D3100 video time limit can be voided

All Nikon cameras are set to stop recording videos at 29 minutes, but a team of hackers has accomplished the development of a sought-after tool. The Nikon Hacker guys have managed to “hack” a trio of cameras from the Japanese company, allowing cinematographers to record movies past the factory-set videotaping time limit.


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