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Nikon EN-EL14

New Nikon camera updates breaking third-party battery support

The latest Nikon camera updates have fixed some bugs in the D3200, D3100, D5200, D5100, and Coolpix P7700 shooters. However, users are dissatisfied with the new firmware, as it is allegedly breaking support for third-party batteries. Photographers are claiming that, since installing the updates, they can no longer use cheaper replacement batteries.

Nikon D600 replacement

Nikon D610 and D5300 DSLRs rumored to be coming soon

Nikon rumors are rare sightings these days. Not too much is being heard about the company’s future plans, but it is the right time to put everything behind. The gossip season is kickstarted by the so-called Nikon D610, which should replace the D600, as well as by the D5300, that will substitute the mid-range D5200 APS-C DSLR.

Ikelite Nikon D5200 underwater housing has been officially announced

Ikelite releases Nikon D5200 underwater housing for oceanographers

Oceanography is not cheap. Not very practical either, if you are trying to do it with a Nikon D5200. Well, Ikelite has managed to achieve at least one thing: it released an underwater housing for Nikon’s DSLR camera. Moreover, if you consider $1,500 to be cheap, then you will agree that the company solved both problems with its accessory.

Nikon D5200

Nikon D5200 sensor scores higher DxOMark rating than D3200

DxOMark, the company which is actively testing camera sensors, has given its overall rating for the Nikon D5200, which is higher than the score achieved by the company’s other 24-megapixel shooter, the D3200. This was to be expected as the new shooter is placed one category above its Nikon counterpart.

Nikon D5200

Nikon launches D5200 DSLR alongside WR-10 wireless remote controllers

Nikon has officially confirmed the US availability of its mid-range DSLR camera with an APS-C sensor. The Japanese manufacturer has revealed that the D5200 camera will be released towards the end of January 2013 in a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013, while revealing a couple of wireless remote controllers.


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