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Nikon 20mm f/2.8D AF Nikkor

Nikon AF-S 20mm f/1.8G lens coming alongside the D750

A Nikon AF-S 20mm f/1.8G lens is rumored to become official along with the D750 DSLR camera on September 11 or 12. This wide-angle lens will be aimed at full frame cameras and will feature a Nano Crystal coating. The rumor mill has also had something to say about the D750 and the D610, the latter being close to be discontinued.

Nikon D600 camera

Nikon offering free D600 replacement for faulty cameras

Nikon has issued a new product service announcement, revealing that it is offering a free D600 replacement camera for photographers who are still troubled by dust accumulation issues even after servicing their DSLRs. The company will also pay for the shipping costs and if the D600 is out of stock, it will offer an “equivalent model”.


Nikon D610 camera officially announced to replace D600

Nikon has made a blunder out of D600’s launch. The full frame DSLR is affected by multiple issues making its awesome features and affordable price to pale in comparison. The company has decided to fix the problems by launching a new camera, the Nikon D610, which packs similar features and some improved goodies.

nikon d610 announcement

Nikon D610 announcement within hours

In only a few hours Nikon is expected to announce its new D610 full frame DSLR. This shooter will feature only a couple of small improvements from its predecessor, the D600. We have a round-up of rumors of what to expect and not to expect from the announcement.

Nikon D610 release date

Nikon D610 release date rumored to be October 7 or 8

After leaking details about this camera, the rumor mill has determined that the Nikon D610 release date is October 7 or 8. The new DSLR will replace the D600, a shooter riddled with manufacturing issues, leading to an inconsistent shutter and on-sensor dust accumulation. The woes will be over soon, as the D610 is close to its launch.

Nikon D5300 specs

Nikon D5300 to come packed with WiFi and GPS, unlike the D610

Nikon will soon replace the D5200 and D600 cameras. The DSLRs are around one-year-old, but the company seems constrained to discontinue the devices and focus on the next-generation shooters. The Nikon D5300 will substitute the D5200 and it will bring both GPS and WiFi to the table, while the D610 is said to replace the D600.

Nikon D610 features

Nikon D610 specs leaked, D600 price goes down

After being rumored for the first time a few weeks ago, the first Nikon D610 specs have showed up on the web. The full frame DSLR camera will not be a major upgrade in terms of features, but the Japanese company will fix all of the device’s issues. Meanwhile, the D600 price has dropped after its MAP list removal.

Nikon D610 rumor

Nikon D600 & D5100 wiped from MAP list, D5300 & D610 in sight

Nikon D600 and D5100 have been removed officially from the Minimum Advertised Price list. This decision will allow retailers to set their own prices for the two cameras. Additionally, this is another evidence that the D610 and D5300 DSLRs are in the works and that their release dates might be closer than first thought.

Nikon D600 replacement

Nikon D610 and D5300 DSLRs rumored to be coming soon

Nikon rumors are rare sightings these days. Not too much is being heard about the company’s future plans, but it is the right time to put everything behind. The gossip season is kickstarted by the so-called Nikon D610, which should replace the D600, as well as by the D5300, that will substitute the mid-range D5200 APS-C DSLR.


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