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Nikon Df DSLR announced with retro design and modern features

After numerous leaks and speculation, the Nikon Df is finally official. The camera is everything the rumor mill has predicted, combining the D4 full frame sensor and the D610’s autofocus system with the design of the company’s classic SLR film shooters. It is the lightest and smallest FX DSLR and dreamers can buy it in the coming weeks.


More Nikon DF details leaked ahead of the DSLR’s launch event

The rumor mill has managed to reveal even more Nikon DF details ahead of the DSLR’s announcement event, which has been confirmed to take place on November 5. Before tomorrow’s early hours, it has become clear that the camera will be placed between the D610 and D800, therefore its price will sit somewhere between the two.


Nikon DF release date set for November 5

After numerous leaks and rumors, the rumor mill believes that it has managed to get a hold of the exact launch date of the new Nikon retro-styled full frame camera. According to inside sources, the Nikon DF release date has been set for November 5, just in time for the “Le Salon de la Photo” event taking place in Paris as of November 7.

New Nikon DSLR camera

Nikon DF leaks again, as some rumors get debunked

D4H will not be the name of the upcoming retro full frame camera from Nikon. The device will be sold as “Nikon DF”, which is an intriguing term. Moreover, some of its specifications and previous rumors have been debunked, with a new set of details being leaked on the web by trusted people familiar with the matter.


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