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GoPro Hero3 camera review taken down from DigitalRev's website

GoPro issues DMCA takedown notice to DigitalRev for Hero3 review

GoPro is the manufacturer of the Hero series, those unbelievable cameras which can record movies in the harshest conditions. However, the Hero3 does not seem to be able to handle product reviews, as its maker has issued a DMCA takedown to DigitalRev, asking the retailer to remove an article from its website.

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera as "new"

“Used” Canon 5D Mark III sold as “new” by accident, said DigitalRev

Several days ago, a photographer announced that DigitalRev, a popular online retailer, sold him a “used” Canon 5D Mark III as “new”. He contacted the retailer’s customer service and the response was “surprising”. The company admitted to its mistakes and offered a full refund, while promising that such things will never happen again.

The serial number of the used Canon 5D Mark III popped up on the Stolen Camera Finder website

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III as “new”

When a retailer advertises a camera as “new”, customers expect it to be brand new. Most of them buy a product from a trusted retailer, particularly for this reason: they want to make sure that the product is sold as advertised. Photographer Rob Dunlop was not so lucky as DigitalRev sold him a used Canon 5D Mark III, instead of a new one.


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