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SeaViewer's SeaDrop 950 HD camera for DiveBot

SeaViewer to supply HD cameras for F5 Robotics’ DiveBot underwater ROV

F5 Robotics has started an IndieGogo project called DiveBot. It consists of a very cheap remotely operated vehicle which can record videos under 1,000 feet of water. The ROV’s manufacturer has announced a partnership with SeaViewer, which will supply HD cameras for the underwater camcorder.

F5 Robotics' DiveBot camcorder will be able to go underwater and record HD-ready videos

Oceanography may become cheaper thanks to DiveBot underwater camcorder

A lot of people would like to record underwater videos. However, buying equipment to achieve this goal is very expensive and not everybody can afford it. F5 Innovations says it can provide the perfect solution. The company called it DiveBot and started an IndieGogo campaign to help raising funds for this underwater camcorder.


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