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Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guides for Photographers – 50% off – TODAY ONLY!

Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guides for Photographers – 50% off – TODAY ONLY! If you find it hard or impossible to price your photography or it makes you want to pull out your hair, you need to know about Served Up Fresh.  Alicia Caine is the expert on pricing photography prints and services. She makes pricing easy,…

Pricing Help + Winners of the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers

Pricing Help + Winners of the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers

Pricing photography? Last week was Pricing Week here at MCP Actions Blog. Thank you to all who attended the live chat with Alicia Caine from Easy as Pie and Served Up Fresh.  I hope you learned a lot about pricing.  I plan to have the main questions and answers from that session up in about…


Giveaway ~ Easy As Pie Guide: How to Price Your Photography

WIN one of two copies of the NEW Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers from Served Up Fresh If you never really know how to price your photography, then you will want to enter this contest! First, there was Easy as Pie. Then, there was Pastry School. Served Up Fresh has combined ’em into a single,…


Contest: Enter to WIN the Easy As Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers

Contest time! Pricing Guides for Photographers: Does pricing your photography stress you out?  Do you want to make more money doing what you love? Do you wish you had tips and step-by-step help to determine what you need to charge to make the income you desire?  If you answered “yes” to any of these things,…


Online Ordering For Your Photography Business: How to “Close the Deal”

Since writing Easy as Pie, I’ve received loads of photographers’ questions about online ordering. How long do you leave your gallery up? How do you enforce this policy? How do you collect the gallery republishing fee? What if my client’s dog died and they need an extension?  Read on to find my answers! All client…


Be Hired for Your Work – Not Your Prices…

Alicia Caine is back to teach you how to be hired for your work and not for your prices. Her thoughts are below – see the end of the post if you want to purchase her new “pricing cookbook – easy as pie”  at a discount. One of the biggest struggles photographers have when starting…


Pricing Yourself Right + a contest to win the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide

Alicia’s new pricing guide called “Easy is Pie” is fabulous!  One lucky reader will win a copy of her “Easy as Pie Cookbook.”  This is an incredible tool to help you set or adjust pricing, making your job more fulfilling and profitable.  Winner will be drawn at random on the 19th. To be eligible, answer the…


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