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[Infographic] Best Budget Point And Shoot Cameras to Get in 2017

Are you constantly frustrated by the quality of images from your phone camera? If you want to shoot high quality images but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on new DSLR camera, point and shoot cameras are the best choice for you. This infographic will show you: What do you need to consider when…


Because Camera Equipment Really Does Matter

Some say it’s what you do with your camera and lens, while others feel the equipment makes the photo. Learn the truth – which is correct.


MCP’s Camera Bag: Equipment and Pictures from Past to Present

As a follow up to last weeks post on “how expensive equipment alone does not make a great photographer,” most people were in agreement that just because you have expensive gear does not make you a better photographer.  Once you learn the fundamentals and build up experience, better equipment can further enrich your photos. Basically…


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