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The Little Mermaid Ariel and Prince Eric

Dream wedding photos inspired by “The Little Mermaid”

Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography have teamed up along with the Your Cloud Parade store in order to capture the perfect wedding on camera. Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Prince Eric have posed for the dream wedding photos of people looking for ideas for the most important day of their lives.

Hide in a trashcan

Photographer hides in trash can for surprise proposal photos

If you are looking to propose to your significant other, then you have to capture the event on camera. However, you must conceal your plans. How do you do that? Well, photographer Chance Faulkner’s successful idea has been to hide in a trash can. The result consists of the perfect surprise proposal photos of Adam and Bailey.

April and Michael Wolber

Amazing photos of a couple’s wedding during Oregon wildfire

What do you do when a massive wildfire threatens the well-being of your wedding ceremony? Well, you agree to make a quick ceremony and allow the photographer to do this job. Josh Newton has captured a series of amazing photos of a couple’s wedding with the Oregon wildfire heading towards the ceremony’s location.

Wax Figures

Amazing photos of the Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations

The Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations are underway! The Chinese people are celebrating the Year of the Horse for 15 days during the Spring Festival. There will be dancing, singing, and laughs, so great photos will turn out in the end. We have prepared a great collection of images with the beauty of the Lunar New Year festivities!

Mick Jagger

The story behind the iconic Mick Jagger’s tongue photo revealed

The Mick Jagger’s tongue photo is one of the most popular images of the Rolling Stones musician. It has been captured in the early 1970s by Richard Crawley. About 40 years after the event, the photographer has decided to tell the story behind the shot, which almost did not happen, as he has had to overcome multiple obstacles.

dancers covered in golden paint at Rio Carnival

2013 Rio Carnival: color, music, dance and skin

The 2013 Rio Carnival ended, still leaving behind the echoes of the 12 samba schools that entered the competition for the Carnival champion. The parade on the Sambadrome was pompous, loud and sexy, always a delight for the spectators and the millions of viewers at home.

people performing dragon dance for Chinese New Year.

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated with fireworks and dance

10 February was the day in which we entered the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Water Snake. People all over the world celebrated the Chinese year 4711 with traditional dragon dances and impressive displays of fireworks. Where there’s a big show, great photos will be captured and here they are!

Black and white portrait of farmer leaning against fence

Depth through photography: key to a memorable Super Bowl ad

As every advertising enthusiast is accustomed, the Super Bowl brings together the most eye-catching, expensive, over the top ad campaigns of the year. On a night of commercial marathon, where over the budget advertisements put technology, high tech special effects and innovation on the table, one commercial managed to overshadow them all thanks to simplicity and honesty: the Dodge Ram Trucks Commercial.


Celebrity Photography: How to Get Started with Event Photography

Do you want to shoot the stars? Learn how to get jobs photographing celebrities and doing red carpet and event photography.


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