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Kissing Pictures: Inspirational Photos of a Kiss

Kiss — So now for the fun! Kissing photos. I hope these give you ideas and inspire your photography.


Should You Jump Ship From Facebook For Google Plus?

It’s not time to abandon Facebook, but here are some strategies to work with the changes and also how to diversify your social reach.


The Importance Of Being Social On Social Media

Let’s get right to it.  I have written before on our studio blog, where I have tackled the subject about social media for photography studios and how to create good content (and how to avoid creating bad content).  I usually stress the importance of being social on social media, as well, but unfortunately many of you…


The Best Ways to Improve your Online Photography Portfolio in 2014

This blog will help you set your business foundations, showcase your work so that your personal artistry shines through, and help you gain clients.


Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 3

In our last installment to Facebook Pages, I explain the last several sections in the detailed Page Insights section. Our first post went over some common Facebook myths and general explanations, and our second post explained the first several sections to Page Insights. Visits. This will start with, “Showing data from 10/16/2013 – 10/22/2013,” and…


Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 2

In my last post, I went over a few myths in Facebook Pages, and explained the basic overview of Facebook pages and views. Here, we go more in depth to the actual Page Insights Facebook gives you. Note: Page Insights has moved, as you can see below in the photo. You can click the link…


Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1

As a marketer, I not only pay attention to my photography, but my marketing as well. I’m always looking at the stats of my photos and posts on my fan page, and trying to decipher how important they are to me. Did an important post go out? Should I boost it more? What’s the deal…


How to Deliver Critique That Makes Photographers Better at Photography

With the ease of the digital age and the internet, posting and sharing photos almost instantaneously, it is easy to critique photographs from other photographers. Proper constructive criticism can help a photographer grow and get stronger. When delivering or receiving critique know that many comments are opinions not facts.  When critiquing, be helpful and detailed,…


Adjust this Facebook Setting Now

Want People to See Your Updates on Facebook?  Want to see ours? As you probably have come to realize, Facebook continues to make changes that make it more difficult, without advertising, to reach your intended audience.  By “audience” we do not mean complete strangers that you want to know about your photography, we mean your…


MCP Photography and Editing Challenges: Highlights from this Week

The government may be shut down, but the MCP Photography and Editing Challenges have reopened for business! We apologize for our absence; however, life’s tedious details got in the way. In case you forgot, the photo editing challenges give you a chance to edit other photographer’s images, share them for critique, and see how others edit…


Facebook-shared albums feature begins rolling out to users

The world’s most popular social networking platform has introduced a new feature. It has begun rolling out to English users before being introduced to the international public. Without any further introduction, here comes the Facebook-shared albums, which allows up to 50 users to upload photos into the same album.


MCP Photography and Editing Challenges: Highlights from this Week

  This week we introduced a new photo challenge on the MCP Shoot Me Facebook page. This week’s challenge is to capture emotion with a single shot.  We loved seeing everyone’s work on this theme, the range of emotions and techniques used to capture it were amazing!  Here are a few of the team’s favorites…


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge: Highlights from this Week

  Do you like to swim in the shallow end of the photography focal length pool? Do you wish for creamy, blurry backgrounds that seem to make your subject pop? Do you dial down to f1.4 or f2 to achieve it? Is it a detriment to the quality of your photos? This week we introduced a…


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge: Highlights from this Week

  This week’s photography challenge pays tribute to the succulent days of summer; the perfect time to enjoy may of life’s guilty pleasures. This week we invited you to snap a photo of your guilty little pleasure. Join us for the biweekly photography challenges. It is the perfect way to grow as a photographer, as…

Video on Instagram

Instagram Video launched with movies of up to 15 seconds

Instagram is growing and users want more features. The company has responded to the demands, as well as to Twitter’s Vine threat, by announcing that Instagrammers can now upload videos on the social networking platform. Users will be able to edit videos up to 15-second long using 13 filters and upload them on Instagram.

Facebook Instagram videos rumor

Facebook adding Vine-like Instagram videos on June 20

Twitter has launched a video-sharing service earlier in 2013 allowing users to upload short film clips. People deemed it as fun enough and its popularity has exploded. Facebook is rumored to be aiming to replicate the functionality by adding such support to Instagram during an event scheduled for June 20.


MCP Editing and Photography Challenge: Highlights from this Week

  This week’s photography challenge offers you the chance to slow down and feel the sun on your face. The challenge is to take a photo using backlighting. A real challenge, several of our members shared stunning backlight photos. Here are a few we wanted to highlight. Submitted by Ali Ellen Submitted by Amber Bullock…

Google Glass Glassware

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other apps reach Google Glass

Google has revealed that Glass wearers now have access to more applications. The company has published six apps, extending the Glassware list with the help of Facebook, Tumblr, CNN, Twitter, Evernote, and Elle. The new software comes packed with interesting functionality, that will make the Glass experience more enjoyable.


10 Tips to Successful Senior Photography: Relating to High School Seniors

To be a really successful portrait photographer, you’ve got to be able to relate to your clients. If your clients don’t feel comfortable around you then their pictures won’t turn out well. Most of us can easily relate to adults, but may have trouble relating to seniors. “Kids theses days!” 😉


MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights from this Week

This week’s editing challenge features an architectural shot of an old building, taken by John J. Pacetti. Here is the original photo: We want to thank John J Pacetti for allowing us to use this photo.   Several of members of the group have shared creative edits. Here are a few of the many favorites: Edited…

Facebook Home for Android

Facebook Home announced for select Android smartphones

Facebook is looking to redefine social networking experience on Android smartphones with the launch of Home. This new application will change the way users connect with one another. It is more social and easier to use, as it has been designed around people, allowing users to see what is happening at all times.


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