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Facebook deserves an "unlike" for Photos At My Door app, which can sell products depicting your photos.

“Photos At My Door” app markets products using Facebook photos

Facebook has been bashed numerous times for their questionable Terms of Service, which provide no protection for its users’ privacy. The social network will be heavily criticized once again, after the launch of an application, called Photos At My Door, which allows users to create and buy products depicting their friends’ photos.

Intel infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute

Intel-made infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute

Billions of people now have access to the internet. It does not matter whether they are connected through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. What matters is that about 640,000 GB of data is transferred in a single minute over the internet. The information comes from Intel, whose engineers have compiled an interesting infographic.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 semi-automatic rifle which sparked the controversy

Controversial Facebook photo brought New Jersey cops to a man’s door

Photographers need to be very careful when it comes to the photos they upload on the internet. A New Jersey person learned this the hard way, after a controversial photo he uploaded on Facebook brought the local police to his door. The cops were also accompanied by child protection services, but everything went better than expected.

Social media websites delete photo metadata from the files, says ITPC study

Most social media sites delete metadata from image files, study says

The International Press Telecommunications Council has conducted an extensive test, in order to find out whether social media websites preserve metadata from image files. However, the agency’s study did not reveal the expected results, as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and most other sites delete almost all metadata information from the images.

New Facebook News Feed to become available soon to desktop and mobile browsers

Facebook unveils less cluttered News Feed design

Facebook has announced a new version of its service, aimed at reducing clutter and focusing more on photos, stories, and updates from people users actually care about. The company has redesigned all category feeds, including photos, , events, following, and even added a new music hub, with posts about new albums and more.


9 Ways to Generate Great Content For Your Studio on Facebook

Doug Cohen shares 9 ways to generate great content on facebook for photography studios including screenshots and links to some of the content he has created for Frameable Faces Photography which he runs with his wife Ally in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Facebook announced it was hacked by unknown attackers

Facebook hacked using zero-day Java exploit

Facebook is the largest social networking and photo sharing website in the world. With more than one billion users, it is natural to be targeted by hackers looking to steal user information. Unfortunately, Facebook confirmed that it was hacked in January by unknown attackers using the infamous zero-day Java exploit.


Exporting Photos from Lightroom to a Facebook Business Page

When exporting photos from Lightroom – here’s how to directly publish them to your business page on Facebook.


MCP Editing and Photography Challenges: Highlights From This Week

  This week we introduced a new photo challenge on the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group. While last week’s challenge encouraged us to use the natural light to illuminate our subject matter, this week’s challenge encouraged us to turn the light around and capture a reflection. Reflections from water, glasses and in glass, we loved…


9 Reasons Your Studio Is FAILING at Facebook

Photography studios often struggle with ways to have an effective strategy on facebook. This article explores 9 common mistakes that are made.


MCP Photography and Editing Challenge Highlights

On Monday we started our first editing challenge of the year.  We give you the image to download and you edit and share your results.  Plus you can see how others edit the same image and learn what steps or actions/presets they used. If you have an idea on how you’d edit the horse image…


MCP Photography Challenge #1 Highlights

Project MCP may have ended with the beginning of the New Year, but the inspiration, camaraderie, encouragement and opportunity to grow as a photographer has not ended. For 2013, the Project MCP group has moved to the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group . In addition to gaining valuable photography advice and critique, learning new techniques and…


How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects Your Photography Page

Don’t let Facebook Algorithm changes hurt your photography business. Here’s what you can do to reverse the impact.


How To Use Social Media To Expand Your Photography Business

  This is a social media guest post, by Doug Cohen of Frameable Faces, about his approach to social networking for he and his wife’s photography studio. Learn from their experiences.  Providing a complete how-to on all of the social media platforms could easily be a 3,000 page book. So instead I’ll summarize our experience…


Overcoming Information Overload: Time-Management Tips

Are you a victim of information overload? Do you have trouble completing what you started?Get better time management skills now


The Shocking Truth: 14 Things Photographers Hate About Photography

Being a photographer is not perfect. Read what photographers hate most about their profession or hobby.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

Should you brand your business as yourself, or create a brand identity for your company? Learn more now.


How Your Social Network Status Can Be Dangerous To Your Business

Be careful what you write about on your photography social networking pages. You customers are watching and it could damage your business.


How To Get Rid Of Your Talking About This Number on Facebook

Stop nosey competitors and your customers from seeing your analytics from individual Facebook posts. Follow these easy steps to get your privacy back.


How to Share Your Photos on the MCP Facebook Wall

Come share your photos and inspire photographers all over the world.


How to Quickly Share Your Lightroom Collections on Facebook

This tutorial shows how to set up Lightroom for publishing your photos on Facebook. The process is similar for other photo sharing services such as Flickr or SmugMug. Once you edit your photos in Lightroom, possibly using MCP Quick Clicks Collection presets or even the free Mini Quick Clicks presets, you want to display your…


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