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Thoughts on Well Known Photographers Breaking the Technical Rules of Photography

This is an opinion gathering post.  Please add your thoughts in the “comment section” of my blog. I am not a blog stalker, but I often do end up perusing websites and blogs of well known photographers to the photographic community. People often ask me how they can get their work to look like “x”…

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Scarlett Lillian Answers MCP Reader Questions

Thank you to Scarlett Lillian for your interview last week and for answer questions from photographers and readers of the MCP Blog.  The questions are in italics – the answers below each. 1. Michelle H wrote: Thanks for introducing us! Scarlett, my question for you is on lens flare… how do you make it happen?…

How do I make my photos look like…?

How do I make my photos look like…?

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase Here is an MCP thought of the day. Since I teach photoshop (both one on one and on my blog), I get asked certain questions frequently. I get asked, “how do I do …” or “oh no, … happened. How do…


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