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Life of Leisuire

Life of Leisure: what our generation will wear when they retire

Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you get older? Or what you will wear? Photographer Alex de Mora is attempting to envision the future, so he is showing what our generation will wear when they get older. Life of Leisure is a project hinting that we will prefer “leisurewear” over other style of outfits.

Gala Coachella "hack" by Ryker Wixom

“Mini Style Hacker” series depicts a 4-year-old fashionista

There is a very popular trend going on over at Instagram. It is called “Fashion Kids” and consists of photos of children wearing expensive designer clothing. Photographer Collette Wixom has turned her 4-year-old son into a fashionista. Ryker is wearing regular clothing, while recreating popular fashion poses in the “Mini Style Hacker” series.


Photography: Scoring Vintage Items for Photoshoots (Even for Free!)

Vintage Items for Photoshoots: How to find these items for your photography? Whether you specialize in portraits for toddlers, teens or brides-to-be, adding vintage toys, clothing and props to your photo shoot can bring a glimmer to your subject eyes and something special to your overall session. But unless you have the free time to…


Boudoir Photography: How to Enhance Your Images with Photoshop Actions

Boudoir photography requires great lighting, flattering poses, and often the use of photo editing using Photoshop actions.  When doing Boudoir photography, you want the woman you are photographing to feel special and beautiful.  And while you still want the photo to portray her, Photoshop can help enhance her most positive traits and minimize any flaws…


Fashion Photography: Use Photoshop Actions for Dramatic Photo Editing

Fashion photography often looks amazing with more dramatic editing. Using Photoshop actions, you can achieve such a wide range of looks.  This photo and edit was submitted by Camilla Binks of Camilla Photography. She wrote the following when she sent this image to me: “I know you didn’t ask for blueprints to be sent to…


Interview with Wedding and Fashion Photographer Scarlett Lillian

I am so excited today to bring you an interview with an extraordinary photographer. She is bright, fun, colorful and full of life. Welcome Scarlett Lillian to the MCP Blog. I was 1st introduced to Scarlett when she purchased actions from me last year.  She and I, unfortunately, had cancer in common too (her father,…


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