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Wright Kitchen

#FoodGradients: amazing food photography by Brittany Wright

If you want to become a better cook, then you must learn more about the food your are cooking. Brittany Wright learns more through food photography. The artist arranges fruits and vegetables based on their colors and creates visually-pleasing compositions. The results are posted on Instagram in her #FoodGradients series.

Symmetry Breakfast: Brioche Pain Perdue

Symmetry Breakfast: amazing photos of symmetrical meals

If you have not eaten anything yet or if you are looking for a meal inspiration, then you have come to the right place. We present you the “Symmetry Breakfast” project, which consists of photos of symmetrical breakfasts cooked or bought and arranged by photographer Michael Zee for himself and his boyfriend.

Power Hungry

Power Hungry: differences between the rich and the poor

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and food-stylist Caitlin Levin have created a touching photo series that is meant to make us aware of what has happened throughout history in countries ruled by dictators. The project is called “Power Hungry” and it reveals the contrast between the daily meals of the rich and those of the poor.

Olivia Locher

Witty photos making fun on the weirdest laws in the US

Photographer Olivia Locher has created an amusing photo series called “I fought the law”. It consists of images making fun of the weirdest laws in the US. The photos would surely need some explaining if there were no context! However, here is a gallery with some strange things that you are not allowed to do in the US.

Alexandrina Paduretu Tasty Apple

Alexandrina Paduretu wins Food Photographer of the Year 2013 award

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Most of this expression is comprised as a category in Pink Lady’s Food Photographer of the Year photo contest. Well, the 2013 edition has been won by Alexandrina Paduretu, who has also been awarded the “Overall Winner” prize, thanks to a great image, called “Tasty Apple”.

Prank involving taking photos of stranger's food and uploading to Instagram

Prankster asks if he can Instagram strangers’ food

What if there was someone so obsessed with Instagram food photos, that he started requesting strangers for snapshots of their plates? Youtube channel Hungry sent a team of brave pranksters to find out.

food-snapp photography

Restaurants blacklist food snapshotting

Several restaurants have turned against on-the-spot amateur food snapshotting, as their customers were beginning to feel harassed by the flashes. Chefs and restaurant owners worldwide have chosen to stop their customers’ photographic food sharing, as their actions can create discomfort for fellow diners.


7 Tips on How To Become a Food Photographer

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