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Tokyo panorama

Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel

Photographer Jeffrey Martin and Fujitsu Technology Solutions have worked together at creating the world’s second largest photo ever. It has been captured from the top of the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel and it has a width of 600,000 pixels. If it were to be printed, then it would be about 328-feet long.

34-gigapixel Prague panorama

Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama

A new gigapixel photo has appeared on the web, showing another European city in its full glory. It measures 34 billion pixels and more than 2,600 individual shots taken with a Canon 1D X have been used for it. This is Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, and it looks simply amazing.

Fujitsu has developed a real-time pulse monitor using facial imaging technology

Fujitsu announces new image sensor which can measure pulse in real-time

Fujitsu has announced the development of an image sensor which could have enormous implications in health care. The new technology can monitor a person’s pulse through facial imaging. Fujitsu’s new image sensor can be embedded into smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and it can calculate the pulse in five seconds.

320-gigapixel panorama image of London is the biggest panorama photo in the world

BT creates 320-gigapixel panorama image of London using Canon 7D

British Telecommunications was one of the Olympic Games 2012 main sponsors. In order to celebrate this opportunity, the company created the world’s biggest panorama image, which measures 320-gigapixel. The photo was created from more than 48,000 frames, while post-processing lasted three months.


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