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Menswear Dog is a Tumblr blog consisting of photos of a stylish dog wearing men's clothers

Menswear Dog helps you keep up with the latest fashion trends

A lot of people enjoy buying clothes for their pets. They even like to take photos of their sharp-dressed photos. However, a couple living in New York City has taken this act to a whole new level with the help of their dog. The New Yorkers dress their Shina Inu in stylish men clothes and post the results on the “Menswear Dog” Tumblr blog.

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Vogue controversial photo shoot celebrates Hurricane Sandy storm troupers

Vogue, one of the oldest fashion and lifestyle magazines in the United States, published a controversial photo shoot depicting Hurricane Sandy first responders alongside the magazine’s models. Last year, a Brazilian model was met with the same response from the public, after she tried to further her modelling career by uploading some of her portraits taken during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.


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