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Google Street View


Google Desert View Camel

Google Desert View comes to life courtesy of a camel

Google has expanded its Street View services by documenting more interesting locations across Earth. Now you can refer to this project as Google Desert View, as the company has explored the Liwa Desert in the UAE. Everything has turned into a reality thanks to a camel, which has carried a Trekker Camera on its back.

Teehan+Lax’s Street View hyperlapse demonstration video frame

Google Street View Hyperlapse creates virtual road-trips

Using Google’s Street View database, Teehan+Lax’s Hyperlapse application creates dynamic time-lapse road trips. The company’s motion designer stitched together a dizzying demonstration hyperlapse, of what can be expected from project developments.

Google Street View from Fukushima

Google Street View releases images of abandoned town in Fukushima

Photos taken by the Google’s Street View cars show the disaster produced by the earthquake and tsunami around the Fukushima nuclear plant. A panorama of digital images was created and now is available online.


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