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Google Glass Explorer edition specs

Google Glass Explorer edition specs officially revealed

Google has announced that the Glass Explorer edition is now shipping to some lucky users. The search giant has taken the wraps off the specifications list, revealing that the wearable computer is packing a 5-megapixel camera, which can record 720p videos. A MyGlass companion app is also available for Android 4.0.3 users.

NPPA and APA are the newest participants in a copyright suit against Google Books.

NPPA and APA join copyright lawsuit against Google Books

The National Press Photographers Association and The American Photographic Artists organization have joined 15 other plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Google Books. The community hopes that this will improve photographers’ copyrights, which have been neglected in a previous court settlement.

The logo fo George Eastman House

George Eastman House is the first photo museum to feature in Google Art Project

George Eastman House Museum, the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography is the first of its kind to be featured in Google’s Art Project. The museum has submitted 50 high resolution photos to the online platform, ranging from the dawn of photography to modern times.

Full-sized image upload on Google+

Desktop users can now upload full-resolution photos on Google+

In December 2012, Google has begun allowing Android and iOS users to upload full-size photos on Google+. This functionality has been extended to desktop browser users as well, who will be able to upload photos bigger than 2048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes, putting their free 5GB Drive storage to good use.

Facebook Home for Android

Facebook Home announced for select Android smartphones

Facebook is looking to redefine social networking experience on Android smartphones with the launch of Home. This new application will change the way users connect with one another. It is more social and easier to use, as it has been designed around people, allowing users to see what is happening at all times.

Google Street View from Fukushima

Google Street View releases images of abandoned town in Fukushima

Photos taken by the Google’s Street View cars show the disaster produced by the earthquake and tsunami around the Fukushima nuclear plant. A panorama of digital images was created and now is available online.

Nik Collection by Google now available for Adobe Photoshop users

Google releases $149 Nik Collection plugins for Adobe Photoshop

After “killing” the Snapseed application, Google is finally doing something useful with the assets of Nik Software. The Nik Software has been purchased by Google in September 2012 and, until now, nothing good came out of it. However, Google is correcting this situation with the release of the Nik Collection bundle for Adobe Photoshop.

Google+ app for iPhone and Android updated with new features

Google+ app for iPhone updated with Snapseed filters

Google has released an update for the iPhone and Android versions of the Google+ application. The update is far more interesting for iOS users, as the app now features some of the most popular Snapseed filters. iPhone owners can edit their photos and then apply filters, before uploading a photo on the Google+ social network.

Intel infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute

Intel-made infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute

Billions of people now have access to the internet. It does not matter whether they are connected through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. What matters is that about 640,000 GB of data is transferred in a single minute over the internet. The information comes from Intel, whose engineers have compiled an interesting infographic.

Google Nexus 5 image leaked online

Next Google Nexus phone to feature Nikon camera technology

Most market analysts believe that ever-improving smartphone image sensors will eventually kill the digital camera market. According to the rumor mill, the analysts may be on track with this prediction, as Google is preparing to launch the next-generation Nexus phone, which will feature an “insanely great” Nikon camera technology.

Social media websites delete photo metadata from the files, says ITPC study

Most social media sites delete metadata from image files, study says

The International Press Telecommunications Council has conducted an extensive test, in order to find out whether social media websites preserve metadata from image files. However, the agency’s study did not reveal the expected results, as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and most other sites delete almost all metadata information from the images.

New Google Image Search design provides faster results

New Google Image Search design rolling out now

Google has decided that enough is enough, therefore it has unveiled a new Google Image Search user interface. The design has been completely overhauled, in order to improve the search experience of both users and webmasters. The new design is currently being rolled out to a few Google Image Search users, though all of them are going to receive it soon.

Google signs contrversial licensing deal with Getty Images

Google Drive users get 5,000 photos as part of Getty Images deal

Several weeks ago, Google announced that Drive users will get access to five thousand photos, soon. Up until now, it remained unknown from where did Google get the photos, but an iStock user discovered that it is all part of a controversial licensing deal with Getty Images.


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