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GoPro Karma drone and controller

GoPro Karma revealed as much more than a drone

It has been a long time since the first rumors regarding a GoPro-made drone. Well, the quadcopter is finally official. As confirmed in December 2015 by the company itself, the drone is called Karma. The quadcopter will ship alongside plenty of things, which are necessary to ensure a fun and easy flying experience.

GoPro Hero 5 Session

GoPro introduces Hero 5 Black and Session action cameras

As expected, GoPro has unveiled the next-generation Hero cameras this fall. The brand new shooters are called Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session. The former is the flagship, while the latter is the smaller version. Both share similar specifications and will be released on the market at the beginning of October 2016.

gopro hero 4 black

GoPro Hero 5 specs to include larger touchscreen and GPS

Do you enjoy sports? Well, you are in luck, as GoPro is working on a new generation of Hero cameras. The specs of the Hero 5 Black version have just been leaked on the web and there will be at least a couple of improvements compared to the current line-up. Find out more about the upcoming Hero 5 cameras right here!

gopro karma logo

GoPro Karma drone confirmed, coming in 2016

After announcing it in late May 2015, GoPro has finally revealed the name of its upcoming drone. The device will have a built-in camera and will be sold under the Karma moniker. Yes, this is it. The GoPro Karma drone is coming and it will become available sometime by the end of 2016 with some interesting specs.

GoPro Hero4 Session

GoPro introduces compact Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro’s Hero-series action cameras are tiny and lightweight devices. However, there are some people who would love to enjoy the same features in an even smaller and lighter package. Well, the company is listening and it has revealed the Hero4 Session, the smallest and lightest GoPro, yet, which comes packed in a cube-like design.

GoPro Hero+ LCD

GoPro Hero+ LCD camera revealed with a touchscreen and more

GoPro has announced a new low-end action camera in order to add the convenience of a touchscreen to this line-up. The brand new GoPro Hero+ LCD gets its name from the addition of a few important features to the original entry-level Hero, including a touchscreen as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options.

Google Array 16-camera rig

Google Array virtual reality project revealed at I/O 2015

Google has made an interesting announcement for action camera and virtual reality fans at the I/O 2015 event. The announcement consists of the Google Array virtual reality rig. It has been developed alongside GoPro and it consists of a 16-camera array created for capturing 3D videos at high-resolution for virtual reality enthusiasts.

GoPro Six-Camera mount

GoPro quadcopter and virtual reality device coming soon

The CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman, has taken the stage at the Code Conference in order to talk about the company’s future plans. The goodies have been delivered immediately, as the CEO has announced a GoPro quadcopter as well as a special Six-Camera Spherical Array with implications in the virtual reality business.

Sidekick for GoPro Hero cameras

Sidekick is the perfect companion light for GoPro Hero cameras

Have you ever wanted to capture better photos and videos in low-light or backlit conditions with your GoPro Hero action camera? Well, then the Sidekick is the perfect companion light for you and your setup. This accessory is waterproof and can be pre-ordered on the Kickstarter platform, courtesy of Light & Motion.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

GoPro drones with built-in HD cameras coming in late 2015

The quadcopter business could get even more exciting around late 2015, as GoPro is planning to introduce two or more multi-rotor helicopters. The new GoPro drones are rumored to feature built-in cameras capable of recording HD videos. The plan is to price these devices aggressively, as they will not cost more than $1,000.

GoPro Hero4 problems

Potential GoPro Hero4 overheating issues demoed on camera

Did you just buy a shiny new GoPro Hero4? Well, your unit might be suffering from overheating issues. An early adopter has noticed that his Hero4 Black Edition is getting extremely hot when attaching an external Battery BacPac. However, he has decided to conduct further tests, which have come out with surprising results.

New GoPro series

GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver unveiled along with low-end Hero

After the recent rumors and speculation, the GoPro Hero4 action cameras have been announced officially. The Black Edition is here with a proper 4K video recording mode, while the Silver Edition comes packed with a touchscreen. The announcement has been topped with an entry-level Hero that will retail for a low price.

Low-end GoPro Hero

Entry-level GoPro Hero camera coming alongside Hero4 series

GoPro is rumored to announce the new Hero4 action cameras in the near future. However, the company has more plans for its upcoming launch event. Inside sources have leaked the photos and specs of an entry-level GoPro Hero camera, which will not record 4K videos and will not have WiFi, but will be available at a low price.

GoPro Hero4 Black front leaked

GoPro Hero4 photos, specs, and details leaked ahead of launch

GoPro is preparing to announce the successors to the Hero3+ series. The brand new GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver cameras have been leaked on the web. The photos are showing some new details about the shooters, while the rumor mill has managed to leak more specifications as well as the purported date for the launch event.

GoPro Hero 3+

GoPro Hero 4 specs and release date leaked on the web

An alleged press release of the GoPro Hero3+ action camera replacement has been leaked on the web, revealing some interesting information. Among the details we can find the GoPro Hero 4 specs, release date, as well as the price. The new action camera is reportedly set to be announced soon and it will be released this summer.

GoPro Hero3+

GoPro Hero3+ Black and Silver action cameras become official

It is that time of the year when GoPro announces new cameras. The whole world was expecting the Hero4 to be launched, but the company had other plans and now the GoPro Hero3+ had become official. The action camera will be released soon in Black and Silver models, replacing the older versions.

GoPro Hero3 gimbal

EasyGimbal is a video stabilizer for your GoPro Hero3 camera

GoPro Hero3 is a versatile camera. It can meet the demands of most action photographers who want to capture videos without worrying about what is going to happen with the recording device. However, most films do not turn out really smooth. EasyGimbal is now on Kickstarter and it is aiming to provide a solution for shaky videos.

Full HD Action Camera

Kogan Full HD Action Camera takes a swipe at GoPro Hero series

Kogan Full HD Action Camera has just been announced as a competitor to the GoPro Hero series. The Australian company says that GoPro cameras are very expensive, therefore action photographers need a cheaper alternative. The new Full HD Action Camera will be released in August for a very attractive price tag.

DJI Phantom quadcopter

DJI Phantom quadcopter records Niagara Falls like never before

Niagara Falls produces some spectacular views. It is the most massive waterfall in the world, despite not being the tallest. Seeing it from above must be even better, so YouTube user Questpact has decided to see for himself with the help of a DJI Phantom quadcopter. Needless to say, the footage is simply amazing.

STABiLGO GoPro Hero stabilizer

STABiLGO aims to stabilize your GoPro Hero cameras

Action photography is nice and all, but keeping videos steady is a whole other business. GoPro Hero cameras can record high-quality movies, but sometimes things go beyond usable footage. A project on Kickstarter, describing a motorized stabilizer called STABiLGO, is aiming to fix this problem by maintaining videos stable.

Radiant Images Novo NAB Show 2013

Radiant Images unveils Novo action camera at NAB Show 2013

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is a rugged camera waiting for some adventure. Radiant Images has used this as a source of inspiration and heavily-customized the camera, making it smaller and lighter. However, its main advantage is C-mount lens compatibility, allowing photographers to capture more creative outdoor photos.


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