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hasselblad X1D 50C 4116 edition 4

Hasselblad’s X1D 50C 4116 Takes Mirrorless Cameras to the Next Level

This year the Swedish masters from Hasselblad are celebrating 75 years of innovation and excellence at the forefront of the photography world. That’s why they’ve decided to launch a special range of products, called ‘4116’, with new cameras and a few brand collaborations specially designed to mark this unique anniversary. One of the most impressive…

hasselblad h6d-100c

Hasselblad H6D-100c medium format camera announced

It was rumored to be announced on April 15, but it was revealed soon. We are talking, of course, about the Hasselblad H6D-100c, a new medium format camera that features an impressive 100-megapixel image sensor. The shooter is joined by a 50-megapixel version, called H6D-100c, and both are coming this summer.

hasselblad h5d-50c

Hasselblad H6D 100MP camera scheduled for April 15 launch

Hasselblad will hold a press event on April 15. The special show will take place in Berlin, Germany, and, beside a couple of photo shoots, the Swedish company will also reveal a new medium format camera. The device will feature a 100-megapixel sensor made by Sony and will be called Hasselblad H6D.

Hasselblad Lusso camera

Hasselblad Lusso coming soon as a Sony A7R remake

Hasselblad is not ready to give up on redesigning Sony cameras in spite of a recent CEO change. One of the company’s future cameras has showed up on its Chinese website under the Hasselblad Lusso moniker. The upcoming Lusso is a re-stylized Sony A7R that will be released with a wooden grip and new colors.

Hasselblad H5X camera body

Hasselblad H5X medium format camera body coming to Photokina

Hasselblad has decided not to wait until Photokina 2014 to make an official announcement. The company has taken the wraps off of the Hasselblad H5X. This is a new medium format camera body that comes packed with a number of improvements over its precursors, such as True Focus support and full HC/HCD lens compatibility.

Hasselblad HV DSLR

Hasselblad HV announced as a Sony A99-based titanium-made DSLR

After announcing the development of a medium format camera with a CMOS image sensor, Hasselblad has introduced a new DSLR today. It is based on the Sony A99 35mm full frame camera and it will be sold as Hasselblad HV. The titanium-made 24.3-megapixel DSLR also sports an exquisite price tag and will become available soon.

Hasselblad logo

Hasselblad Solar photo completes a series of camera leaks

A number of cameras have had their photos leaked in recent times. If you thought that the leaks were going to stop, then you would be wrong as the first Hasselblad Solar image has just showed up on the web. It shows a camera based on a Sony A-mount model, probably the SLT-A99, but with different texture and colors.

hasselblad h5d-50c

Hasselblad H5D-50c is world’s first CMOS medium format camera

Medium format cameras are not the most popular digital imaging devices in the world. However, this is not due to the fact that they are not good, instead having to do with their exquisite prices. Either way, the Hasselblad H5D-50c is now official as world’s first medium format camera to feature a CMOS sensor and it is coming this March.

Hasselblad Stellar

Hasselblad Stellar, based on Sony RX100, becomes official

Hasselblad Stellar has been officially announced less than a day after the compact camera has been leaked on the web. The Sweden-based company has decided not to wait until July 26 to introduce this shooter and now we can reveal that it is definitely based on the original Sony RX100 along with its Zeiss lens.

Hasselblad Stellar photo

Hasselblad Stellar photos leaked on the web

The Sony RX100 will lend its characteristics to the Hasselblad Stellar soon. Yes, that is correct, a new Hasselblad camera is coming soon and it will be based on the RX100 compact, which will receive a complete makeover from the premium manufacturer. A bunch of photos have been leaked ahead of the camera’s introduction, too.

Hasselblad compact cameras DSLR rumor

Two Hasselblad compact cameras and a DSLR to go public in 2013

Hasselblad has recently begun selling the Lunar mirrorless camera. It costs a whopping $6,995 and it is just the first step in the company’s big plans for 2013. According to a pair of job listings on its website, two new compact cameras and a DSLR shooter will be announced by the end of 2013.


Hasselblad Masters Awards 2014 finalists announced

Hasselblad revealed the finalists for the Masters Awards 2014 photo contest. The company received more than four thousand photo entries from hundreds of professional photographers across the world, however, only 120 entries made the cut and have a chance at the grand prize.


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