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How to Achieve a High Key Look in Photoshop

Enhance your images using these steps and actions — here’s our Blueprint on getting this high-key look.


How To Create a High Key Image in Photoshop

How To Create a High Key Image in Photoshop by Michael Sweeney A classic look in photography is Black and White imagery. Black and white images are not always pure; sometimes they are sepia tone or cool blue tone, or even Duotone which is not B/W but most drop it into that catagory. It’s a…


High Key Backdrops: How to Get a White Backdrop Using Photoshop Actions

This Photoshop Actions Blueprint was sent in from Karen of Smile-Play-Love Photography. Thank for you sharing how you edit your photos with all of us. Ran MCP’s Studio White Bright Spell. This Photoshop action from the Bag of Tricks set turns light white and grayish backdrops into high key white backdrops.  I used this at…


High Key | Hot White Backdrop – What is it? How to achieve it?

“High Key” is often confused with a purposely blown out white backdrop.  High Key is where the highlights and light tones make up most or all of the image.   If your background is white, ivory, cream or light in color and the subject is too, you have “high key” I rarely do high key, though many…


Sharing time – here are some new photos of my girls…

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase I shot the photos below at 1/125, ISO 100, and most were at f8 (a few at a little more wide open). The girls are wearing temporary tattoos on their face and arms – decided that I want to remember them…


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