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how to price your photography



The Right Way for New Photographers to Price Photography

Pricing…what is the right way to price photography? Pricing is always a difficult subject to talk about. It is also one of those subjects where a new photographer will hear a lot of conflicting information regarding what is right or what is wrong. The perspective that I am going to share might be a bit…

How to Price Your Photography – Q&A with Alicia Caine {Easy as Pie}

How to Price Your Photography – Q&A with Alicia Caine {Easy as Pie}

Here is a transcript from the 1 hour Live Text Chat on the MCP Actions Facebook Page with Alicia Caine from Served Up Fresh {Easy as Pie} – pricing for photographers You will see the question a participant asked, and then the answer from Alicia (AC). We hope to do another LIVE chat with her…


Play the MCP Name Your Price Game for Photographers

Play the MCP “NAME YOUR PRICE GAME” for Photographers If you are a professional photographer, please enjoy playing this game.  If you are looking at your prices and wonder if they are on the high end or low end, you will want to check out the game.  And if you are just starting your business,…


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