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how to use textures in photoshop


First Photoshop Texture Overlay

Photoshop Texture Overlays: More Useful than you may Know

  Most photographers probably don’t think of Photoshop texture overlays as photo editing tools. They’re more for special effects and creating digital art, right? It’s true that those are common applications for them. Textures can be used in more subtle ways to enhance your photos, though. Let’s look at some examples of using them in…


From Boring to WOW: How to Use Textures and Overlays in Photoshop

Textures and Overlays Make a Difference In Your Photos Not every image looks good with textures applied to them.  In fact textures are often overused in photo editing.  But for an artistic fine art look, or even to cover up unwanted parts of an image, textures can play a major role. Here is a quick…

Some Amazing High Resolution Textures and How to Use Them

Some Amazing High Resolution Textures and How to Use Them

This post on textures in Photoshop and Elements got outdated as the textures and overlays mentioned were no longer available. If you are looking for high resolution textures please visit us here.  Video tutorials are available to help you use them too.


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