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free mini session templates

Download a FREE Mini Session Template for Photoshop

Come download this free goodie to help you prepare for your next mini sessions.

Mini Session Welcome Guide Template

How to Create a Welcome Guide Template Using Photoshop

Learn how to create your own client welcome guide template cover in four easy steps using Photoshop.


How to Draw Attention in Lightroom Using the Graduated Filter Tool

How to Draw Attention in Lightroom Using the Graduated Filter Tool When it comes to processing photographs there’s no question that one of the best values in for editing is Adobe Lightroom. It’s affordable and extremely powerful, but it can be a bit intimidating.  I do understand why people are hesitant to pull the trigger…


Be More Productive: Making Email Templates For Photographers

Learn how to cut down on your time spent writing and responding to e-mails, so you can have more time to take pictures.


Video Tutorial: Watch Me Edit {editing 2 photos from the Secret Workshop}

After posting a few sample photos I shot from the Secret Workshop, I had a number of comments and emails asking if I could show my post processing on a video.  So I figured, why not.  Keep in mind that I use my actions when I edit, as they are my workflow.  These effects can…


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