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Direct-positive portrait

Stunning direct-positive portrait photos taken in Afghanistan

A lot of United States soldiers deployed into war zones choose to take a camera with them and capture images in their spare time. Some of them choose to bring unusual setups with them. Such is the case of M. Patrick Kavanaugh, who has brought a Sinar F2 large-format film camera in order to shoot direct-positive portrait photos.

Ilford has announced the Harman Titan 8x10 Pinhole Camera

Ilford unveils Harman Titan 8×10 pinhole camera

Driven by the success of the 4×5-inch pinhole camera, Ilford has announced a new and bigger product. Photography fans behold the Harman Titan 8×10 pinhole camera. This product is made out of the same injection-molded ABS material, which means that the camera weighs only 800 grams. Ilford will release the shooter as of this April.


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