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Camera Tips: How to Make the Most of the Kit Lens

I hear a lot of photographers who have been shooting for many years give flack to the kit lens. And I can understand why – with an arsenal of high end, thousand dollar lenses, why would you shoot with the kit lens? I haven’t touched mine in months, personally – but I remember a time…


Vote For Your Favorite Pictures for the MCP Actions Photoshop Contest

Semi-finalists for the MCP Actions Photoshop CS5 Contest Big thank yous to all who entered the contest to win Photoshop CS5 Extended.  There were so many great pictures using MCP somewhere in the image.  Here are the 15 finalists, chosen by my twins Ellie and Jenna, age 8. They had a very hard job narrowing…


Over-Editing in Photoshop: How to Avoid 25 Common Editing Mistakes

Don’t fall victim to the common editing mistakes that most photographers make at one time or another. Find out the mistakes and how to avoid them in your photo editing. Decide for yourself which may still have a time and place in your workflow.


Snapshots: What Memories Are Made Of… A Really Fun Family Day

Why are you a photographer? For many, and at least for me, it is about capturing memories. I want to document life as it happens.  I do love portraits, but sometimes the most valuable pictures are not “portraits” – they are snapshots of life. This summer at a charity event, we bid on a Detroit…


Interview with Daniel Hurtubise about his trip to photograph bears in the Alaskan Wild

In this interview, Ellie and Jenna, age 7, asked Daniel all the “tough questions” about his trip to photograph Alaskan Brown Bears. I thought rather than a formal interview, it might be more fun to have questions asked from the perspective and eyes of a child.  And I think I made a good decision. Enjoy…


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