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How to Edit Indoor Portraits in Lightroom

Now that the winter months are here, it’s difficult to take well-lit photographs outdoors. Gloomy skies and cold weather have compelled many enthusiastic photographer to experiment with indoor portrait photography instead. Beginners may find this time of year very discouraging, since unnatural light isn’t always easy to work with. If you don’t own professional lighting…


5 Handy Tips for Indoor Portrait Photography

Why is indoor photography so appealing? The reason is that indoor spaces, particularly homes, have a familial atmosphere. Being in a location full of someone’s beloved possessions is both eye-opening and heartwarming. Photographing that location with its happy owners is even better. This kind of environment gives portrait photographers a chance to take photos that…


A Photographers Guide to Understanding Light

As George Eastman so aptly explained, “understanding light is the key to photography.” Here are some tips to understanding light to make stellar photographs!


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