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Ahmad El-Abi

Ahmad El-Abi’s #stuffedhair photo project is amazingly funny

Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project 2014 has provided a means for photographers to show off their skills and vision. One photographer in particular, called Ahmad El-Abi, has taken advantage of it and participating in the community project, he has started an amusing series of his own. It is called #stuffedhair and it is amazing.


Kapstand does handstands in front of iconic French landmarks

Taking photos is now simpler than ever before. However, if you want your shots to stick out in this crowded world, then you have to do something different or even crazy. Well, Kapstand is sharing amusing photos of himself on Instagram, which usually depict him doing handstands in front of iconic places and buildings in France.


Cute photos telling the life story of Darcy the hedgehog

A Tokyo-based photographer is using Instagram and iPhoneography to tell the life story of his pet Darcy the hedgehog. Prepare for cuteness galore provided by a series of photos that will definitely make your heart melt, as photographer Shota Tsukamoto is trying to make Darcy the most popular hedgehog in the world.

Video on Instagram

Instagram Video launched with movies of up to 15 seconds

Instagram is growing and users want more features. The company has responded to the demands, as well as to Twitter’s Vine threat, by announcing that Instagrammers can now upload videos on the social networking platform. Users will be able to edit videos up to 15-second long using 13 filters and upload them on Instagram.

Facebook Instagram videos rumor

Facebook adding Vine-like Instagram videos on June 20

Twitter has launched a video-sharing service earlier in 2013 allowing users to upload short film clips. People deemed it as fun enough and its popularity has exploded. Facebook is rumored to be aiming to replicate the functionality by adding such support to Instagram during an event scheduled for June 20.


Projecteo, the Instagram photo projector, now available for $34.99

Many regular people with little funds have managed to make their dream come true with the help of Kickstarter. It is not the single crowd-funding platform, but it certainly is the most popular and it has allowed designer Benjamin Redford to fund Projecteo, the Instagram photo projector, which is now available to everybody.

Oggl iPhone

Hipstamatic releases Oggl for iPhone users without an invite

Hipstamatic has updated the Oggl application for iOS users. Software update 1.1 has been released for download, allowing everyone to register and share photos on the new social network without an invite code. Previously, the service has been available as an invitation-only website, but it is now available to all iPhone users for free.


10 Tips to Successful Senior Photography: Relating to High School Seniors

To be a really successful portrait photographer, you’ve got to be able to relate to your clients. If your clients don’t feel comfortable around you then their pictures won’t turn out well. Most of us can easily relate to adults, but may have trouble relating to seniors. “Kids theses days!” 😉

Instagram tags

Instagram tags now available for iPhone and Android users

Instagram has introduced a new feature to Android and iPhone users. Users will be allowed to tag their friends of favorite businesses in their photos, while the images will be displayed in a new section called “Photos of You”. Tagging has been one of the most requested features, as mentioning someone just was not enough.

Mount July

Instagram-like Mount July filters coming to DSLR cameras soon

Two Stanford product design students have come up with the world’s first radially graduated filters for DSLR and film cameras. The filters will provide Instagram-like effects for images taken with professional shooters. However, the Mount July filters will offer extended customization, allowing lensmen to capture dynamic imagery.

Prank involving taking photos of stranger's food and uploading to Instagram

Prankster asks if he can Instagram strangers’ food

What if there was someone so obsessed with Instagram food photos, that he started requesting strangers for snapshots of their plates? Youtube channel Hungry sent a team of brave pranksters to find out.

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8

Instagraph app finally brings Instagram to Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is not a very popular mobile operating system. Many techn experts believe that the platform is missing key apps, such as Instagram. Well, buyers have another reason to think twice before getting an iPhone or Android smartphones, as the Instagraph app has begun allowing users to upload photos on Instagram.

iPhone Fotograpie book cover

The rise and rise of Instagram photojournalism

Photojournalists have been using Instagram ever since its launch in 2010, connecting more easily to fans and viewers worldwide. Even though it has been often criticized for “ruining” print photography, Instagram has sometimes contributed to publishing in papers or books.

Anti-police graffiti photo on Instagram

Woman arrested for uploading anti-police photo on Instagram

A lot of photographers get into trouble and they get arrested for controversial reasons. However, the Montreal police just did the unthinkable by arresting a 20-year-old woman for uploading a photo on Instagram. The photo depicted an anti-police graffiti, though some would argue that this whole situation is a bit harsh.

New York Times Instagram front page photo

New York Times strikes controversy with Instagram cover photo

The New York Times newspaper has been attacked by some angry photojournalists for using an Instagrammed portrait on its front page. The edition of the newspaper has been published on Sunday and it featured Alex Rodriguez on its cover. However, photographers were annoyed because the photo was taken with an iPhone.

DIY Instagram photo booth has been built by photographer Alexander Morris

Photographer Alexander Morris builds DIY Instagram photo booth

A photographer took matter into his own hands and built a photo booth from scratch. The source of inspiration for the Do-It-Yourself booth has been the Instagram logo. However, the equipment behind the project is a lot more powerful that the mobile devices being employed by Instagram photo-editing users.

Joe McNally captures foot shop on top of world's tallest building

Nat Geo photographer Instagrams foot shot from Burj Khalifa rooftop

National Geographic photographer, Joe McNally, uploaded a foot shot on Instagram. Usually, this is neither a big deal, nor very artistic. However, this time it is different as the foot shot has been captured on the rooftop of the world’s tallest building, called Burj Khalifa. The building sits on top of the Dubai skyline, measuring 829.8 meters.

The Android version of the Instagram app has been ported to BlackBerry 10

Instagram for Android application ported to BlackBerry 10 OS

Instagram is without a doubt the most popular photo-editing and photo-sharing service for mobile devices. More than 100 million people are using the service on a monthly basis. The numbers may increase soon, as the Android application has been unofficially ported to BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Vimeo account holders can now apply Instagram-like effects to their videos, thanks to a new service called Looks

Vimeo rolling out Instagram-like effects, called Looks, to all users

Vimeo made a name of itself by trying to keep the quality of the content to higher levels. The video-sharing website is now adding a new feature to its users and it is called Looks. The Vimeo Looks are Instagram-like effects, which can be added by the users to their videos directly from their browsers.

Instagram-based Polaroid Socialmatic Camera is no longer a concept

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera sheds prototype status, coming in 2014

The internet was excited when Socialmatic revealed a concept of an Instagram camera. Using the Instagram logo to create a camera was a great idea, but copyright infringement worries ensued. Well, the shooter is now called Socialmatic Polaroid Camera, thanks to an agreement with the company holding the Polaroid brand rights.

Instagram has announced that more than 100 million users are accessing the service monthly

Instagram reaches 100 million monthly active users

A little over two years after its launch, Instagram has become the biggest photo-editing and sharing service in the world. Co-founder Kevin Systrom announced the Instagram reached an important milestone: 100 million monthly active users, with millions of photos uploaded daily and thousands of comments published each second.


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