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Julian Calverley

#IPHONEONLY: landscape photography captured with an iPhone

Capturing photos with a smartphone is no longer something out of the ordinary. In fact, a lot of people have decided to ditch their cameras in favor of an iPhone, for example. Either way, professional photographer Julian Calverley has released #IPHONEONLY, a landscape photography nook that includes photos taken only with an iPhone.


Cute photos telling the life story of Darcy the hedgehog

A Tokyo-based photographer is using Instagram and iPhoneography to tell the life story of his pet Darcy the hedgehog. Prepare for cuteness galore provided by a series of photos that will definitely make your heart melt, as photographer Shota Tsukamoto is trying to make Darcy the most popular hedgehog in the world.

New iPhones

Apple reveals new iPhone 5S and 5C iOS 7 smartphones

Apple’s big September event has taken place and it has brought exactly what the rumor mill predicted. The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are official and they will become available by the end of next week. The two iOS 7 smartphones are targeted at different categories of consumers, though their specs are very similar.

Shutterbug Remote

New Shutterbug Remote device seeking funds on CrowdIt

Shutterbug Remote is an accessory which acts like a remote controller for your DSLR camera. It can be connected to an iPhone or iOS tablet through Bluetooth Low Energy technology. A new version is due in September, but it needs funding, so a project has been launched on a crowd-funding platform, called CrowdIt.


Poppy turns your iPhone into a 3D camera for less than $50

Have you ever been a big fan of 3D? Have you ever wanted to capture 3D photos and movies, as well as watch 3D content on your smartphone? If you happen to own an iPhone, then you are in luck, as a new Kickstarter project is aiming to transform your iOS device into a 3D-capable camera.

DCkina iPhone Shutter Grip

DCkina unveils gorgeous iPhone Shutter Grip

Have you ever wanted to add a shutter grip to your iPhone? Did you even think about getting a tripod mount for your iOS device? Well, if you considered these two, then you would definitely want an external battery, too. Thankfully, DCkina provides an all-in-one solution for all your problems, thanks to the new iPhone Shutter Grip.

Lytro cameras

Lytro cameras receive WiFi support and Mobile app for iPhone

Shortly after Lytro cameras have been released on the market, it has been discovered that the devices come packed with WiFi capabilities. Almost two years have passed since their launch, but Lytro has finally enabled WiFi support on both 8GB and 16GB versions, while pushing a Mobile application for iOS devices.

iPhone Photographer of the Year

iPhone Photography Awards 2013 winners announced

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) judges have revealed the winners of the 2013 edition of most prestigious iPhone-related photo competition. The laureate has been selected as Holly Wesley from Scotland, thanks to a great portrait photo of a horse, while the winners of the other categories have also been picked out.

KLYP iPhone 5 case

Manfrotto announces KLYP iPhone 5 case, app, and PIXI tripod

Manfrotto releases a new KLYP iPhone 5 case and improves it with LED lights and a PIXI tripod that supports many DSLR cameras. In addition to that, a special iPhone application will take photos at the sound of clapping hands.

iOS 7

Apple announces iOS 7 with new Photos and Camera apps

Apple has opened the doors for developers, journalists, and other curious minds during the annual WWDC 2013 event. The conference has begun with the iOS 7 introduction, the next-generation operating system, which provides the biggest design change since the launch of the iPhone, as well as new Photos and Camera apps.

Oggl iPhone

Hipstamatic releases Oggl for iPhone users without an invite

Hipstamatic has updated the Oggl application for iOS users. Software update 1.1 has been released for download, allowing everyone to register and share photos on the new social network without an invite code. Previously, the service has been available as an invitation-only website, but it is now available to all iPhone users for free.


XiStera case makes your iPhone 5 take better photos and open beer bottles

The iPhone 5 is a pretty powerful device, but this does mean it cannot get any better than this. This view is shared by Joe Adams, who has created a Kickstarter project for the XiStera case. It is aimed at Apple’s latest smartphone and it can perform eight different functions to make your life a whole lot better with its ingenuity.

Next iPhone flash technology

Next iPhone could use other iOS devices as flash “slaves”

Apple has filed for a patent which describes an “Illumination System” that could initiate a “master-slave relationship” between an iPhone and other iPhones. This may allow an iOS device to remotely control the flashes of other iOS smartphones or tablets, in order to provide improved lighting when taking photographs.


Hipstamatic announces Oggl social networking service

The creators of Hipstamatic have decided to take the fight to Instagram’s ground and they have unveiled a social networking service. It is called Oggl and it allows iPhone users to edit photos and share them with their friends. It is based on an invitation-only model, but this is necessary in order to keep photo quality at higher levels.

Snoopify app

Snoop Lion releases Snoopify photo-editing app for iOS and Android devices

The popularity of photo-editing applications on mobile devices is growing. However, the latest image-editing tool may prove to be too much for most users. Despite that, Snoop Lion, the rapper formerly-known as Snoop Dogg, has released an app, called Snoopify, for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Instagram tags

Instagram tags now available for iPhone and Android users

Instagram has introduced a new feature to Android and iPhone users. Users will be allowed to tag their friends of favorite businesses in their photos, while the images will be displayed in a new section called “Photos of You”. Tagging has been one of the most requested features, as mentioning someone just was not enough.

Arqball's FocusTwist enables iOS users to re-focus after taking photos

FocusTwist app enables iOS users to re-focus photos

Multi-focus photography will soon offer an unprecedented level of detail to everyday smartphone photography. Until then, Arqball’s FocusTwist app starts off small by simply capturing several photos of the same scene, with different focus points. It then merges them into a fun, re-focusable image.

Download Yahoo Weather for iPhone

Yahoo Weather for iPhone just got better, courtesy of Flickr

Smartphone users are regularly checking the weather on their devices, therefore developers are working on improving this aspect. Yahoo may have hit the jackpot with its latest Weather app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, which displays amazing Flickr imagery, depending on a user’s location and atmospheric conditions.

WoW Lens Kickstarter iPhoneography

WoW Lens case for iPhone expecting donations on Kickstarter

iPhoneography is an established type of photography. Image sensors in mobile devices are getting better, but they are also receiving a helping hand from accessory makers, such as AppBanc. The company started a Kickstarter project, which is aimed at raising funds to release the WoW Lens, a case which consists of four special lenses.

New York Times Instagram front page photo

New York Times strikes controversy with Instagram cover photo

The New York Times newspaper has been attacked by some angry photojournalists for using an Instagrammed portrait on its front page. The edition of the newspaper has been published on Sunday and it featured Alex Rodriguez on its cover. However, photographers were annoyed because the photo was taken with an iPhone.

VTec introduces lenses for iPhone 5

VTec launches a slew of iPhone 5 lenses

iPhoneography is already an art. Users of the iPhone can capture pretty good photos and they are getting a helping hand from dozens of developers, who release great image-editing applications. The quality of photos taken with Apple’s latest smartphone can be increased with the help of VTec’s lenses, which are available now.


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