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Jasmine Star



Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star, Teaches You How to Pose Couples

Get tips on how to pose couples from the fabulous wedding photographer, Jasmine Star.


Interview with Wedding and Fashion Photographer Scarlett Lillian

I am so excited today to bring you an interview with an extraordinary photographer. She is bright, fun, colorful and full of life. Welcome Scarlett Lillian to the MCP Blog. I was 1st introduced to Scarlett when she purchased actions from me last year.  She and I, unfortunately, had cancer in common too (her father,…


Winners of the Show It Web Pro and Show It Sites – Plus $50-$100 Savings for Everyone Else

The winner of the Show It Web Pro (slideshows) is comment #40: Heather of Sweet Life Photos. The winner of the Show It Site for one year is comment #22: Rebekah of Rebekah Photography. Congrats to both winners – email for details on how to redeem your prizes! For those of you who were not picked,…


Jasmine Star Photographer Answers Your Questions

I am honored to present the answers to 10 questions submitted to Jasmine Star.  Her answers are honest and fun!  And she is such an incredible wedding photographer.   I hope you enjoy and learn from her…   I will show the reader’s question in italics and then Jasmine’s answer below it:      …

How do I make my photos look like…?

How do I make my photos look like…?

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase Here is an MCP thought of the day. Since I teach photoshop (both one on one and on my blog), I get asked certain questions frequently. I get asked, “how do I do …” or “oh no, … happened. How do…


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