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Reflecta X8 Scanner

Reflecta x8-Scan 35mm film scanner to be released in May

After introducing the tiny Braun SixZero action camera, Kenro is back with another announcement. The Reflecta x8-Scan is a compact device that is capable of scanning 35mm film strips. This gadget is the best friend of a photographer who is still using 35mm film cameras as it provides a simple way to digitize the film strips.

SixZero by Braun

Kenro releases Braun SixZero action camera

Action cameras are becoming more and more popular. As a result, a lot of companies are releasing a lot of products in this category. Kenro is back with another device of this kind, which is already available for purchase. It is the Braun SixZero and features a waterproof housing that can withstand depths down to 30 meters.

Kenro Nissin i40

Kenro unveils Nissin i40 flash gun with wireless TTL support

Kenro has just announced a new flash for Canon and Nikon cameras, which will also become available for Sony, Fujifilm, and Micro Four Thirds shooters soon. The new Nissin i40 comes packed with an LED video light and wireless TTL support among many others. It is already available and is said to be a perfect flash for travel photography.

Braun Vidi Proof underwater

Kenro introduces Braun Vidi Proof underwater camcorder

Capturing videos and photos underwater scares off a lot of people because such camcorders or casings for regular cameras are usually very expensive. Kenro is proposing a cheap alternative that is capable of recording videos in the water at full HD resolution and very affordable prices: the Braun Vidi Proof.

Reflecta x7 Scan

Kenro announces Reflecta x7 Film Scanner

Plenty of professional photographers still have film rolls which have not been developed. If they want to turn the rolls into digital files, then they should not look any further, as Kenro has just launched the new Reflecta x7 Film Scanner. The tiny device can scan all 35mm, 110mm, and 126mm films at an equivalent of 3200dpi.


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