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12 Awesome Photography Genres for Both the Professional and the Hobbyist

With the click of a shutter, we’re able to capture the world before us. Photography allows us to preserve the history of any moment in time. This is why photography is so beloved by many. And with the advent of smartphone technology, almost anyone can be a photographer. There are many forms of photography—many with…

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How the Moon Impacts Night Photography

Learn the best times of the month to capture night photography – and how the moon impacts your images.

Ray Collins wave black and white

Ray Collins makes ocean waves look like mountains

There is a photographer who feels more comfortable in the ocean than anywhere on land. His names is Ray Collins and he is an artist who makes ocean waves look like mountains by combining to key things in photography: light and composition. The artist is based in Australia and his work has been featured even by the National Geographic.

Huskies on water

Majestic photos of huskies appearing to walk on water

How would like to be able to walk on water? Well, there are a couple of huskies which have experienced having this ability and the whole thing has been captured on camera by photographer Fox Grom. The Russian photographer has actually recorded his two huskies, Alaska and Blizzard, appearing to be capable of walking on water.

Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2014

Greg Whitton is the Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2014

The winners of the Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2014 photo competition have been announced officially. UK-based Greg Whitton is the laureate, courtesy of an amazing photo captured in the Southern Highlands, Iceland. The photographers will be awarded a place at the Fjällräven Polar dogsled expedition.

Elizabeth Gadd

Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd

Photographer Elizabeth Gadd has learned photography all by herself. The self-taught artist is based in Vancouver, Canada, so you could say that she has a keen eye for landscape photography. However, she has traveled to many other places in order to capture majestic “landscapey photos with people in them”.

Chasing Horizons

Simon Roberts “Chasing Horizons” to capture 24 sunsets in a day

Have you ever thought about seeing 24 sunsets in a single day in person? Well, most people think that this is not possible. Well, photographer Simon Roberts has proven that you can do it as part of the “Chasing Horizons” campaign. With help from a Citizen watch, Simon has been able to capture 24 sunsets in one day!

Julian Calverley

#IPHONEONLY: landscape photography captured with an iPhone

Capturing photos with a smartphone is no longer something out of the ordinary. In fact, a lot of people have decided to ditch their cameras in favor of an iPhone, for example. Either way, professional photographer Julian Calverley has released #IPHONEONLY, a landscape photography nook that includes photos taken only with an iPhone.

North Brother Island

Haunting photos documenting the North Brother Island

The “North Brother Island: The Last Unknown Place In New York City” is a book consisting of haunting photos documenting the North Brother Island. Once housing the Riverside Hospital in New York City, the North Brother Island has been reclaimed by nature and wildlife, although remnants of past buildings are still there.

Benoit Lapray

Superheroes pictured in “The Quest for the Absolute” series

What are superheroes doing when they are not fighting crime? Well, French-born photographer and retoucher Benoit Lapray believes that he has the answer. Batman, Superman, and the rest need to spend time alone in order to find themselves. “The Quest for the Absolute” is simply showing the places where they go to do just that.

Find Momo

Spot a hidden dog in Andrew Knapp’s “Find Momo” photo book

Hide-and-seek and “Where’s Waldo?” are two of the most popular games in the United States. Photographer and artist Andrew Knapp has found these two games to be a source of inspiration of a photo book called “Find Momo”. The shots contain Knapp’s hidden dog somewhere in the scene and viewers have to find him.

Afghan elder

Frédéric Lagrange’s “Passage to Wakhan” documents Afghanistan

Photographer Frédéric Lagrange has made a trip to Eastern Afghanistan. His main goal has been to document the landscapes and the people who are laying on an ancient trading route called the Silk Road. A series of amazing photos are now a part of the “Passage to Wakhan” project, which reveals places that time has forgotten.


Spooky landscape photography in “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland”

“Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” refers to Germany as well as a series of haunting landscape photos captured by photographer Kilian Schönberger. The talented artist even suffers from a condition that might make you think it prevents people to become photographers, but Schönberger proves everybody wrong with his amazing imagery.

New York Skyline

Inception-like New York City photography by Brad Sloan

Have you ever thought that the scene in the Inception movie could become a reality? Well, photographer Brad Sloan is giving a helping hand with that using some amazing photos he has captured during a three-day trip to New York City. The Big Apple has been re-envisioned by the lensman, who is offering a different perspective of urban photography.

Lava flow

Enchanting photos of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption

There was a major Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption in Iceland back in 2010. The airspace has been closed due to ash in about 20 countries. However, once the airlines opened again, photographer James Appleton seized his chances and traveled to Iceland in order to capture a series of enchanting photos of the volcanic activity.

Abstract Landscapes

Breathtaking “Abstract Landscapes” depict rural surrealism

A rural environment is the perfect place to breath a little bit of fresh air and recharge your batteries. Leaving the crowded city provides a feeling of freedom that we should all experience more often. Until you can finally get away, you can experience these emotions through Lisa Wood’s stunning “Abstract Landscapes” photo project.


Amazing landscape photos are actually cleverly-built dioramas

Landscape photography is a lot of people’s favorite. However, there is one photographer who is trying to trick your eyes with the help of cleverly-designed dioramas. Matthew Albanese’s photos are all handmade artworks created in his studio. His images will remind you to remain vigilant and always keep your eyes wide open.

Tokyo panorama

Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel

Photographer Jeffrey Martin and Fujitsu Technology Solutions have worked together at creating the world’s second largest photo ever. It has been captured from the top of the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel and it has a width of 600,000 pixels. If it were to be printed, then it would be about 328-feet long.

Inside the Grand Canyon

How New York City would look inside the Grand Canyon

Have you ever thought how New York City would look if it were standing inside the Grand Canyon? Well, Gus Petro has had this vision while visiting the United States in late 2012. After taking the shots, he used some Photoshop magic and put the Big Apple into the Grand Canyon, making it look like an apocalyptic scenario.

Infrared photography

Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici

Infrared photography is not accessible to everybody, especially when it is done on analog film. However, Dean Bennici has mastered this art over the years and he has some color infrared film at his disposal, despite the fact that it is not being manufactured anymore. His IR photos are great, even without any digital manipulation.


Squito is a throwable camera capturing panoramic images

Boston-based Steve Hollinger has an idea about how the camera can be reimagined. His solution is called Squito and it consists of a throwable camera ball, which captures stabilized videos as well as 360-degree panorama photos. Its purpose is to provide additional information in search and rescue scenarios or just for fun.


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