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Lytro exits consumer camera industry, shifts focus to VR

Any light-field fans out there? Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you. Lytro has just announced that it will no longer develop light-field cameras for consumers. Instead, the company will focus on the virtual reality world. The confirmation comes from CEO Jason Rosenthal, who said that this decision was one of the hardest he ever made.


Sony patents sensor for a light-field photography camera

It appears that Sony is aiming to expand its digital imaging offer with a lot of new products. After patenting a black and white image sensor as well as a curved image sensor, the company has now patented an image sensor that could make its way into a light-field photography camera. Click to read more about this amazing technology!

Lytro Illum camera

Lytro Android-powered light-field camera coming in Q3 2014

Lytro is rumored to be working on a new device. According to trusted sources, a Lytro Android-powered light-field camera is in development. The new device will allow photographers to capture a photo and refocus at a later time. This device will be announced as well as released sometime during the third quarter of 2014.

Illum camera

New Canon PowerShot and Rebel cameras to pack DOF control

Canon is rumored to be working on a Lytro-like light-field technology that will be added into some upcoming compact cameras and DSLRs. According to an inside source, the company’s depth-of-field control features could become available in the new Canon PowerShot and Rebel cameras that will be released by the end of the year.

KaleidoCamera DSLR add-on

KaleidoCamera turns any DSLR into a light-field shooter

Some say that the camera cannot be reinvented and that manufacturers have hit rock-bottom. However, a team of scientists beg to differ. Their new KaleidoCamera is a DSLR add-on with light-field imaging, HDR, and polarization support, allowing photographers to recombine photos in every imaginable way after taking them.

Lytro cameras

Lytro cameras receive WiFi support and Mobile app for iPhone

Shortly after Lytro cameras have been released on the market, it has been discovered that the devices come packed with WiFi capabilities. Almost two years have passed since their launch, but Lytro has finally enabled WiFi support on both 8GB and 16GB versions, while pushing a Mobile application for iOS devices.

Pelican Imaging computational photography

Nokia hints at Lytro-like support in future Lumia smartphones

Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Smart Devices, Jo Harlow, has declared in a recent interview that future Lumia smartphones will come packed with support for Lytro-like computational photography. Harlow said that this is the next step in smartphone photography and that Nokia will not miss this train, having invested in Pelican Imaging.

Nokia Lumia 920 camera

Nokia investing in Pelican to bring Lytro-like effect to Lumia series

Nokia has revealed its plans to invest in Pelican Imaging. Pelican’s image sensors can capture high-resolution images, which will allow photographers to refocus the shots after taking them. Nokia is looking to attract more customers and Pelican is seen as a major opportunity to tempt iPhone and Android customers.

Arqball's FocusTwist enables iOS users to re-focus after taking photos

FocusTwist app enables iOS users to re-focus photos

Multi-focus photography will soon offer an unprecedented level of detail to everyday smartphone photography. Until then, Arqball’s FocusTwist app starts off small by simply capturing several photos of the same scene, with different focus points. It then merges them into a fun, re-focusable image.

Pelican Imaging logo and bug-eye-like optical array

Pelican to revolutionize smartphones with focusing-free camera

If you’ve ever wished to change the focus after taking a photo, now you can. Soon to be implemented into smartphones, Pelican Imaging’s depth imaging camera will have numerous other uses beside that. Three dimensional photography will revolutionize everything from security to gesturing games.

Toshiba to release Lytro-like image sensors for smartphones soon

Toshiba reveals Lytro-like image sensor for smartphones

Toshiba is the latest company to announce a new type of image sensors for smartphones. The company demoed a Lytro-like camera module, which will allow users to refocus an image after taking it. The new microlens chip will give mobile devices the ability to take light-field photos, just like a conventional Lytro shooter.


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