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Lightroom 4



How to Use the Local Adjustment Brush in Lightroom: Part 2

Learn more tips and tricks to using the local adjustment brush in lightroom….


How to Use The Local Adjustment Brush In Lightroom: Part 1

If you want more control over your edits in Lightroom, learn how to use the local adjustment brush now.


How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Possible Colors

How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Colors When you edit in Lightroom, you are in a very large color space called ProPhoto RGB. In simple terms, you get a very large color space which gives you the most flexibility and colors to choose from while editing.  On the surface this sounds like…


Reduce Editing Time with Our Presets for Lightroom 4

You already rely on MCP Actions for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to help you create gorgeous, artistic images with minimal time and effort. Now, we’re offering Lightroom 4 users the same one-click convenience and eye-catching results.


How To Fix The Five Most Common Pet Photography Editing Mistakes

How To Fix The Five Most Common Pet Photography Editing Mistakes Whether your model is a human or animal, you always want them looking their best so that you look good as a professional and so that your clients buy the stuff you are selling! Don’t fall victim to the five most common pet photography…


How to Customize Lightroom Templates and Storyboards

For the first time ever, MCP is making it easy for you to create storyboards and collages from inside of Lightroom. No more going to Photoshop to get things ready for print or the web. Not many people use the print module in Lightroom, and no one that we know of has ever sold a…


The Quick Clicks Preset Collection is Now Available for Lightroom 4

The wait is over. Our presets for Lightroom 4 are not available. If you already own the LR2 and 3 versions, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

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Lightroom 4 Now Available: The Good – The Bad – and The Best News

Find out what’s new for photographers in Lightroom 4 and what it means for you.


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