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Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 3

In our last installment to Facebook Pages, I explain the last several sections in the detailed Page Insights section. Our first post went over some common Facebook myths and general explanations, and our second post explained the first several sections to Page Insights. Visits. This will start with, “Showing data from 10/16/2013 – 10/22/2013,” and…


Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 2

In my last post, I went over a few myths in Facebook Pages, and explained the basic overview of Facebook pages and views. Here, we go more in depth to the actual Page Insights Facebook gives you. Note: Page Insights has moved, as you can see below in the photo. You can click the link…


Facebook Pages: Deciphering the Stats, Part 1

As a marketer, I not only pay attention to my photography, but my marketing as well. I’m always looking at the stats of my photos and posts on my fan page, and trying to decipher how important they are to me. Did an important post go out? Should I boost it more? What’s the deal…


Shooting In a Niche: Becoming a Boutique Studio

Shooting In a Niche: Becoming a Boutique Studio In my own personal experience, it’s easier to be a photographer when you focus on a single niche instead of trying to shoot anything and everything. Although I do photograph most subjects when asked, I don’t promote myself for them. First, a definition of a boutique studio:…


How to Restart a Photography Business Due to Relocation (For Military Families and More)

Relocating a photography business can be a daunting but these tips will help you get re-established in your new location.


3 Secrets to Keep Clients Coming Back

Get photography clients through three simple steps. Create amazing images, develop an amazing experience and stay in front of your clients all year.


How To Make More Money By Selling Custom Photography Products

Make more money by providing your clients with the products they will love and share with others. Custom photography products make the difference.


How To Build Your Business Through Experience and History

Learn from your own experiences to grow your business. Research past mistakes and successes.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

Should you brand your business as yourself, or create a brand identity for your company? Learn more now.


4 Tips For Breaking Into The Pet Photography Niche

If you love photographing animals, here’s a way you can make a living doing what you love.


Photographer Giveaway: Win The New iPad + StickyAlbums

The winners of our contest are: Grand Prize: The winner of the iPad 3 + 1 Year of Sticky Albums Pro is: Adrianne Sizemore (entry 1803) The winners of $100 Gift Vouchers to StickyAlbums Pro are: Mark Jolly (entry 2205), Julie Worthy (entry 256), Claudia Muir (entry 1640), and Dawn of Kitchen Travels (entry 1469) Everyone else: Through…


The NO Fail Way to Get Exposure for Your Photography Business

Get more customers for your photography business using this fun, simple marketing method.


Using Emotion In Your Photography Branding

Using Emotion In Your Photography Branding Does your brand evoke an emotion for your client?  The Coca Cola symbol does and so does McDonald’s golden arches–just show those arches to your kids and see what happens.  When a brand’s experience emotionally charges someone, they are now buying with an element of emotion instead of just…


3 Inexpensive or Free Ways to Advertise Your Photography Business

3 Inexpensive / Free Ways to Advertise by Sarah Petty You can make so much business happen by getting out there, making friends and helping them grow their businesses. Here are 3 ways to help maximize your budget. 1. Call local charities and start the relationship by asking what you can do to help them.…


What type of advertising for photographers works best for the money?

What type of advertising works best for the money? Direct mail? Newspaper? Etc. by Sarah Petty Small business owners always ask me “where should I be marketing,” but I know they are specifically meaning they want to know where and how to advertise. The thing that makes small business fun is that there is no…


Build Your “Storefront” Contest ~ Win A Custom Blog + $500 Marketing DVD Set

THE BUILD YOUR STOREFRONT CONTEST Prizes: Winners will be picked and announced on Sunday, May 23rd. Winners must contact me by May 25th to claim prizes. Make sure to enter past contests too. 1. Cinnamon Girl Studios Cinnamon Girl has kindly offered a custom designed blog sites (examples here: wordpress or blogger) to one lucky…


5 Keys to Searchability and SEO for Photographers

5 Keys to Searchable Images: SEO for Photographers By Zach Prez, author of the Photographer’s SEO Book Helping Google read your images can not only help your pages and galleries rank, but images can rank on their own. Ranking an image can be extremely beneficial as users search sites like Google images for wedding venue…


Working with Nonprofit Organizations to Promote Yourself

Thank you to Shuva Rahim, our guest blogger today, who is the owner of Accent Photographics. Shuva focuses on lifestyle images of children, families and weddings in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. She has worked with the March of Dimes, American Heart Association, and is currently doing a photo charity in partnership with the Children’s…


2 Free Photographer Marketing MP3s

A while back, I wrote about the LIVE photographers’ marketing telesummit.  Sarah Petty and I were speaking on the phone a few weeks ago and she agreed to share a long excerpt of 2 MP3 recordings from the event with MCP fans. Click here to listen to Sarah Petty discuss branding. Click here to listen…


How to market holiday cards to your customers…

Thank you to Sarah Petty from the Joy of Marketing for this great video teaching “How to market holiday cards to your customers.”  I hope this video helps you market cards to your customers this holiday season. Use the code TASNOV when purchasing the Tasty Templates Collection by 11/27 for $120 off retail price {Regularly…


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