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Just Blog It! How to Prepare Your Collages for Social Media and the Web

Make web-sized collages for your website, blog and social media channels in a few clicks in Photoshop. It’s easy using our blog it board actions.

What should you do when you are asked to provide a discount?

How to Keep Your Photography Prices Firm

What to do when you are asked for a discount? Here’s how to keep your prices firm and your customer happy.

before and after

How to Save Money on Props Using the Quick Color Changer Action in Photoshop

Use the MCP Color Changer from the Inspire action set to quickly change the color of a flokati rug to match different sessions and styles!

Aug 10 Starsa copy

Bring Your Night Pictures to Life with These Editing Tricks

Take an average silhouette sunset picture and use these editing tips to make it lively and colorful in just a few simple steps.


Why Many Photographers Choose to Use Photoshop Actions

Learn the benefits to using Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets versus relying just on hand editing. And figure out which is best for you.

Use MCP's Manual Color Switcher action to get rid of color casts quickly and easily.

How to Vanish Color Casts using MCP Actions

There are many ways to correct color casts, but one quick way for great results is using the Manual Color Switcher action from MCP’s Inspire set. Watch this video to see how you can get quick and effective results too.

One year portrait with baby and balloon

How to Extend Space and Add a Photo Prop in Photoshop

Photoshop can turn ordinary into extraordinary. Add balloons, widen your canvas and make your image pop in these easy to follow steps.

Newborn Plane Prop

Making a Newborn Prop Photo Pop

This Blueprint was created by Blythe Harlan, an MCP Actions customer. She explains below how she has saved time using our products and she shared an example of how she edits her newborn photos using our products.


Christmas Mini Session Edited with MCP Inspire Photoshop Actions

I’m so happy MCP Inspire came out before my Christmas Mini Sessions! They’ve helped me speed up my workflow tremendously! When running actions, especially ones that enhance color tones, I turn all the layers off, start at the bottom by turning them back on and adjusting to taste. I do this and work my way…


How to Add Beautiful Tones By Using MCP Autumn Equinox

This blog post will teach you how to add beautiful sunset tones to your images using MCP Autumn Equinox Actions


Get Ready: 10 Tips for Photographing Toddlers

10 tips for photographers to get better pictures of toddlers.


How to Use Newborn Necessities Actions for Cute Kids Images

How to make your images stand out from the crowd using Newborn Necessities.


How to Get a Pure White Background in Studio Shots

How to Get a Pure White Background in Studio Shots Photos against a pure white background are extremely versatile.  A white (also called “blown out” or ” knockout”) background has for a long time been popular for commercial photography, including model, fashion and product shoots.  It is also a great option for portrait sessions of…


A New Place To Find MCP Actions

MCP Actions is now on Pinterest.  Come check out our pins for photography tips, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, inspirational images and more.  We will be pinning regularly so follow our pin boards for great content.


Free Patriotic Photoshop Template * Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July

*** FLAG IN A FLASH *** Enjoy our Free Patriotic Photoshop Template for Memorial Day, Independence Day/4th of July, Veteran’s Day and beyond. This is a very special freebie for Photoshop and Elements called “Flag in a Flash.” It was first introduced four years ago as a Photoshop action.  We are bringing it back this…


Creating Dramatic, Vibrant Images Using MCP’s Photoshop Actions

If you like rich color and high contrast in your photos, read the step by step of this edit in Photoshop to learn how to achieve this “look.”


5 Photography Tips for Taking Better Pictures Inside of Your Home

Learn quick and easy ways to get better photos of the inside of your home.


MCP Actions Annual Blog Survey: The Results and Winners

The MCP Actions Annual Blog Survey is complete. I will leave the questions up, in case you missed it, but the results are in. And while my “Back to School” Multiple Choice Test was far from scientific, it did help me understand what you like, what you want more of, and what changes I can…

Embrace Competition in the World of Photography

Embrace Competition in the World of Photography

Competition…  Is it a good or bad thing? Does it help or hurt your business as a photographer?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Does competition frustrate you? Or do you embrace it?  Here are some of my thoughts on competition as it pertains to my actions and training…


Interview & Contest with Jessica Grieves of Photographer’s Kickstart

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Jessica Grieves, of Bubblegum Tree Photography, and the author/designer of the new Photographer’s Kickstart program. And as a BONUS – we also have a contest where you can win the Kickstart Training Module. Scroll to the end of the interview for contest details and your chance to…


Free iPhone Skin Photoshop Template: Make a Custom Case

Free iPhone 3G Skin Photoshop Template Are you bored with iPhone cases?  Do you wish you could offer your customers something fun, refreshing and new?  How about giving them the option of ordering a case for their iPhone? Designs By Amie is giving all MCP Action readers a free iPhone 3G Skin Template for use…


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