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Metabones PL-mount adapter

Metabones PL-mount adapter to Sony E and MFT cameras launched

Do you own a Sony E-mount camera? Or you are a Micro Four Thirds user? Well, if you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you will be pleased to hear that a Metabones PL-mount adapter will allow you to mount PL lenses on your shooter. The accessory comes with a tripod foot and it is compatible with all Sony E and MFTs!

Metabones SPEF-E-BM2

Metabones Speed Booster Ultra brings Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX cameras

Metabones has officially announced a new adapter. The novel Speed Booster Ultra is here to allow Sony E-mount photographers to attach Canon and third-party EF lenses to their mirrorless cameras. This is a new version of an older accessory, which comes packed with a new internal design that preserves the image quality of your gear.

Metabones Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds

Metabones launches Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds adapter

Metabones has unveiled another one of this famous Speed Boosters. The company has released a Canon EF lens to Micro Four Thirds adapter, which means that MFT camera owners will be able to mount Canon EF lenses on their shooters. The adapter will also increase the maximum aperture by one f-stop, while widening the lens.

Canon FD to MFT

Metabones Canon FD to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster unveiled

Have you ever been a fan of Canon FD lenses? Do you own a Micro Four Thirds camera? How would you like to combine these two? Well, if your first thought is that this is impossible, then think again as Metabones has announced a Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster, allowing owners to attach Canon FD lenses on their shooters.

Metabones Nikon G Speed Booster

Metabones Nikon G Speed Booster revealed for Micro Four Thirds and NEX cameras

The Metabones Nikon G Speed Booster is finally here. The popular accessory maker has just announced and launched a Nikon G lens adapter for Sony “E” and Micro Four Thirds mounts. Photographers using such cameras will be able to experience the power of full frame using the new Speed Booster as of right now.

new metabones speed booster

Speed Booster for photographic lenses, released by Metabones

Metabones and Cadwell Photographic have joined their forces and created a new optical accessory, designed specifically for mirrorless cameras with APS-C and Micro Four Thirds sensors. The optical and lens design are made by Brian Caldwell, the man behind Caldwell Photographic Inc.


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