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In-Camera Metering Modes Demystified

If you have a DSLR, you’ve probably heard about metering. But you may be a little foggy on what it is, what types there are, or how to use it.


Take Control of Your Light: Artificial Light, Why Use It

Using artificial light Artificial light is similar to natural light in the way you use it, but differs in three ways. First, you can adjust the power of the light, second, you can change your distance from the light easily, and third, you can modify the quality of the light. Adjustable Power When using any…


How to Get White Balance and Exposure When Photographing in the Snow

Winter White Photography: Technical Skills to Get Amazing Portraits in the Snow As a follow up to my original post on the MCP Actions blog called “Winter White Photography: How to Get Amazing Portraits in the Snow”, this next post provides you with some strategies and tips on exposure, white balance, and lighting when the…


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