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Micro Four Thirds


Panasonic SZ9

Panasonic to reduce entry-level compact camera models by 60%

Panasonic is the third camera maker in the world, which has officially announced that it will reduce investments in the lower-end compact camera business, in order to focus on higher-end mirrorless models after Olympus and Fujifilm. The company has made the announcement during a meeting with the investors, citing poor sales.

Small Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera

Tiny Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera is coming in 2014

Multiple independent sources have confirmed that Panasonic is actively working on a new ultra-small Micro Four Thirds camera. Previously, it has been rumored that the device will replace the GF3 when the device is coming in early 2014, but trusted people have revealed that the device will not be a part of the GF series.

New Panasonic GF camera rumor

New Panasonic GF camera to be announced in late 2013

Panasonic is working hard to expand its Micro Four Thirds offerings. The Japanese company is rumored to introduce a GX1 replacement this summer, while the rumor mill is suggesting that a new smaller-than-GF3 camera is also coming by the end of the year to become the smallest MFT shooter ever.

Panasonic GX7 rumor

Panasonic GX7 camera to replace GX1 in Q3 2013

Panasonic is rumored to be actively working at developing the “dream camera” for Micro Four Thirds adopters. The GX1 successor will be announced in August and go on sale in September, but it will not be called GX2, as previously believed. Instead, the company has chosen to name it GX7.

Kodak S1 leaked

Kodak S1 photos appear online, revealing camera’s final form

Now that Kodak is finally on the verge of escaping bankruptcy’s shackles, the company can focus on more important things, like a new camera. The Micro Four Thirds device, called S1, has reached its final form and it has been leaked on the web and it reveals a little bit more information about the upcoming product.

Radiant Images Novo 2K

Radiant Images announces Novo 2K uncompressed RAW camera

Radiant Images is the maker of the cutest cinema cameras in the world, called Novo. The Novo records 4K videos, but the company has revealed that it will introduce a dumbed down version of the original one and that that will be called Novo 2K, as it can record 2K videos at 24 frames per second in uncompressed RAW format.

Olympus hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera

Olympus working on Micro Four Thirds camera with hybrid mount

Cameras with hybrid mounts are the subject of increasingly more rumors. Sony is rumored to introduce a hybrid A-E mount shooter and now it seems like Olympus will also be launching a MFT camera with hybrid Four Thirds-Micro Four Thirds mount sometime this fall, in order to fight against Panasonic’s GX1 replacement.

Panasonic 12.5mm f/12 3D lens

Olympus patents 25mm f/2.8 and 24-41mm f/4.5-5.6 3D lens

Olympus has filed for an interesting patent in Japan. The patent application describes a 3D lens, which uses zoom and single focus lenses, in order to create an optic that will be able to capture the world in 3D. As a result, the 25mm f/2.8 and 24-41mm f/4.5-5.6 3D lens may become available for Micro Four Thirds cameras soon.

Panasonic GX2 design

Panasonic GX2 Micro Four Thirds camera begins to take shape

Panasonic will release a new Micro Four Thirds camera this summer. The announcement will take place during an event in August, while the actual release will occur in early September. Sources have revealed that the design of the new mirrorless shooter will be very similar to that of the L1, the company’s first Four Thirds camera.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 XF 55-200mm lens

Fujifilm X-Pro1 / X-E1 firmware updates released for download

Fujifilm has speeded up its internal work, which has resulted in the release of two firmware updates for the X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras. Both cameras are now capable of supporting the amazing autofocus speeds of the new Fujinon XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens, which packs the fastest AF system in the world.

Panasonic GX2 specs leaked

Panasonic GX2 specs list shows up online

Panasonic has added multiple cameras to the market this year, but this does not mean that the company is stopping. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed the alleged specifications list of the purported GX1 replacement, which is rumored to be called GX2. The Micro Four Thirds system is said to be released this fall.

Panasonic GX1 successor

Panasonic GX1 replacement announcement date scheduled for late August

Panasonic has been on a “replacing” spree in 2013, as the company has launched the GF6, G6, and the LF1 this year. However, this does not mean that the GX1 is not facing the ax. We have heard through the grapevine that the Lumix GX1 successor will be announced sometime in late August 2013 and that it will be released this coming fall.

New Olympus Panasonic cameras rumor

New Olympus and Panasonic cameras coming this fall

Olympus has been very active this year, just like Panasonic. The pair has released several cameras to entice the fans, but the rumor mill is suggesting that more are on their way. While Panasonic is working on a new Micro Four Thirds camera, Olympus is spreading its efforts across three shooters, including a PEN, an OM-D, and a compact.

Olympus E-M6 release date rumor

Olympus E-M6 release date scheduled for September 2013

Olympus is already working on the next-generation OM-D series camera. Company employees have confirmed that the Phase Detection AF technology, found in the recently-launch PEN E-P5, will be available in the upcoming OM-D model. On the other hand, the rumor mill has revealed the camera’s name and release date.

Olympus E-P5

Olympus E-P5 release date, price, and specs become official

Plenty of rumors become true. However, in some cases, gossip talks turn out to be entirely true. Such is the story of the Olympus PEN E-P5 mirrorless camera, which has had its announcement date and full specifications list leaked on the web. Olympus has formally introduced the E-P5 Micro Four Thirds system today, as expected.

Olympus Black prime lenses

Olympus Black 17mm, 45mm, and 75mm f/1.8 lenses announced

Olympus has listened to its customers and it has revealed the Black versions of the M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8, 45mm f/1.8, ED 75mm f/1.8 lenses. Micro Four Thirds camera owners have been asking for Black lenses for quite some time and the Japanese manufacturer has finally delivered the goodies, which will become available as of June.

Olympus E-PL6 specs leaked

Full Olympus E-PL6 specs and photos leaked on the web

Olympus is having some problems. The company just cannot keep its upcoming products a secret from some reason. However, photography fans do not mind this aspect, as they can learn much information before the actual products go on sale. Well, the Olympus E-PL6 specs list along with some photos have just been leaked, too.

Full Olympus E-P5 specs leaked

Olympus E-P5 specs list leaked in its entirety

There is no secret that Olympus will introduce a new Micro Four Thirds shooter in the following days. The camera’s name and photos have also been seen online, therefore it is known that the E-P5 packs a retro design and that it will be announced on May 10, but, to top it all, the full specifications list has just been leaked on the web.

More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked

New Olympus E-P5 photos and specs revealed ahead of announcement

Olympus is currently readying to introduce the E-P5 camera on May 10. This information has surfaced on the web, as the company has not put too much effort into keeping the new Micro Four Thirds system a secret. Once again, new photos of the E-P5 and the new Black series lenses have been leaked, alongside more specifications.

Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DN Art lens release date

Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DN Art lens release date and price announced

Sigma is betting big on its Art series of lenses. The company has recently taken everyone by surprise with the announcement of the 18-35mm f/1.8 optic, the first of its kind to deliver such a fast aperture throughout the focal range. Anyway, the 60mm f/2.8 DN will play an important role, too, and its availability information has just gone live.

More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked

More Olympus E-P5 photos leaked online

The Olympus E-P5 has not been the company’s best-kept secret. Information about the camera have been leaked in the past, as well as close-up photos of the thing. However, today’s action tops it all, as three new photos of the shooter have been leaked, which make people wonder why Olympus is not announcing the camera yet.


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