Micro Four Thirds

Sigma 35mm f/2 DN OS Art lens patented for M4/3s

SLR Magic announces HyperPrime Cine 50mm T0.95 lens

Panasonic GX8 launch date set for Q3 2015

Panasonic G7 announced with 4K support and better design

First Panasonic G7 photos show up on the web

More Panasonic G7 specs confirmed by trusted source

Panasonic FZ300 registered alongside G7 and GX8 cameras

Olympus introduces Titanium E-M5 Mark II Limited Edition kit

Olympus 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye PRO lens revealed for MFTs

Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO lens unveiled for Micro Four Thirds cameras

Panasonic G7 launch date set for May 19

Panasonic G7 rumored to be capable of recording 4K videos

Panasonic Lumix G7 announcement event to occur this May

Sony RX100 Mark IV with Micro Four Thirds sensor is real, source says

Sigma 25mm f/1.2 lens patented for Micro Four Thirds cameras

Panasonic G7 Micro Four Thirds camera to be unveiled soon

Sony RX100 IV coming soon with Micro Four Thirds sensor

Blackmagic reveals Micro Cinema Camera for pro filmmakers

Sigma Four Thirds lenses are no longer in development

Panasonic GX8 announcement event will actually take place in September

Olympus 300mm f/4 PRO lens release date rumored to be November 15